Why China Gardens Is The Best Restaurant To Visit

China Gardens

China Garden’s history

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In the 1980s, the idea of a Chinese restaurant that served American-Chinese cuisine was unheard of. In 1980, two young people from Hong Kong opened China Gardens in southern California. They wanted to open a restaurant that offered Chinese food but with an ambiance and fare which matched what American-Chinese diners were expecting.

China Gardens offers a variety of different dishes from different regions of China. The menu has been modernized to make it more familiar to customers who are not too familiar with authentic Chinese cuisine. The recipes have been tweaked so that the flavors are less salty, making them more palatable for Western tastes.

China Gardens’ excellent service

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China Gardens is famed for its excellent service, both by the restaurant staff and the waiters. The waiters are always there to help you through your dining experience at China Gardens, ensuring that you have an enjoyable time. They will inform you about anything you may not know about certain dishes or suggest dishes according to your preferences.

The restaurant’s beautiful interior design

The interior design of this restaurant is exquisite with Chinese decorations adorning each wall. There are wonderful artifacts scattered around the place which really shows just how immersed in Chinese culture you can be when visiting this restaurant! You can sit back and admire all of these pieces while sipping on a drink after dinner before heading home. It’s the perfect way to end a nice evening out in London!

Delicious food

The food at China Gardens is absolutely delicious. There are both Chinese dishes and Western dishes on the menu to cater to all tastes, with vegetarian options available too! The meals are presented beautifully which makes it even more exciting to see what you’re about to eat. Whether you’re trying something new or sticking with your favorites, you’re bound to love it when dining here.

Reasonable prices for the quality of food and service offered

The prices here are extremely reasonable considering the quality of food you receive. The dishes to go with your main meal are also very affordable, so you’ll be able to try a wide variety of things on the menu at China Gardens without feeling like you’ve overspent on this lovely dinner out!

What makes them so unique in the industry

China Gardens is one of the best restaurants in the industry because it offers an authentic Chinese experience. The food they serve is high-quality and delicious, which makes them stand out from other restaurants that carry dishes that are made to be palatable for Westerners. You can also get your favorite dishes at China Gardens while still being able to have a traditional Chinese dining experience.


China Gardens has been a staple in the West Hartford restaurant scene for over 25 years. The food is always fresh and prepared with care from scratch every day, there are plenty of vegetarian options on the menu (including vegan) as well as gluten-free dishes available too! China Gardens also offers takeout orders if you’re looking for a quick meal at home or want to grab something before heading out on errands. If you haven’t tried out this popular eatery located near Pratt & Whitney yet, be sure to stop by soon – we know that once you do, you’ll understand why so many people love eating here!

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