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Where to Find Asian Vegan Food on Franklin Avenue

asian vegan food on franklin ave brooklyn

There is such a wealth of Asian food that it is hard to name them all, but several have stood out. If you are planning a visit to NYC, you should try some of these Asian inspired dishes. Some of them may not be what you are expecting.

Vegan Restaurants In Nyc

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There are dozens of vegan restaurants in NYC, but one stands out among the rest. Baba Dabao, or Bamboo Palace as it is called locally, serves only vegan cuisine. The dining experience is a pleasure because there is a great selection of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and more. What you will find is that they serve a variety of different soy dishes. From stir-fried tofu to seared tofu to grilled tofu scramble, you will find it all on the menu at this restaurant.

If you want a taste of sushi that is a little bit more traditional, check out Dos Impresso. They serve traditional Japanese sushi rolls and other delicious traditional Japanese food. Everything is made from rice, vinegar, and vegetables. Of course, there is always the vegetarian side of things as well. From veggie omiku to seared tuna, you will find many delicious options. Make sure to check out their vegan friendly sushi roll and get ready to explore the many possibilities for Asian food in New York.

Sweet Tomatoes

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The next Asian inspired place that is worth a trip is Sweet Tomatoes. If you love a sweet and sour variation of everything, then you will love what they serve. Their tofu with carrots and mushroom gravy has been voted one of the best in NYC. Another favorite is their vegan nachos. No matter what you are in need of, make sure to find a vegan version of your favorite foods.

Franklin Avenue Brooklyn

Thai is another option that you will find on Franklin Avenue Brooklyn. There are several locations with tasty Thai dishes. From fresh mangoes and oranges, to grilled peanut chicken, you will be satisfied. Of course, Thai food is not always vegan so you may have to pick and choose which items you want to eat. But, you will not have to miss out on the wonderful flavor.

Many people do not realize that Asian-inspired food can be made even better when it is vegan. Many Asian restaurants use tofu in many of their recipes. Check out places like Sapphire Thai or Purefoods to find some great vegan Thai food. You will also find vegan versions of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Italian dishes that use beans, rice, and other grains that many vegans simply do not get enough of.

Bottom Lines

The best part about finding Asian vegan options in Brooklyn is that you can find them almost any place that you eat. Most fast-food chains now offer vegan selections as well as vegetarian selections. You can also find Vietnamese and Chinese food in many of the same places that you would find Italian food. So, no matter what type of cuisine you love, you can probably find vegan options in it in some form or another.

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