The Cooking Style Of The Malaysian Food

What To Know About Cooking Style Of The Malaysian Food

If you are in Malaysia, then do not be surprised by the fact that the people there love to eat. You can find them eating throughout the day. There are 24-hour restaurants known as Mamaks that provide food even at midnight.

They even greet each other with food and not a good morning. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Malaysia is genuinely one rocking place for food lovers. The country has given space to different Asian cultures like Chinese, Japanese, and even Indian.

All About Cooking Style Of The Malaysian Food

This has worked in favor of the country. They have a multi-cultural society with each of them contributing their food items. Even though you might have had Chinese and Indian food, you will want to try the Malaysian food influence on them.

They have a dash of Malaysian essence in them although there are also many regional varieties in them. Malaysians love to use herbs in their food. Some of them include basil, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, shallots, and chili.

In Malaysia, spices are called as rempah. The coconut milk also used in most of their dishes and recipes. They make the dish rich and creamy. The belacan is known as a paste made from prawns mixed with chili and salt.

Taste Of The Malaysian Food

Nasi Lemak is a typical meal in Malaysia that consists of rice, cucumber, peanuts, egg, anchovies, and meat. The meat is cooked depending on your taste and preference. There is also a large bowl of rice with several side dishes, including meat items.

They also provide you with soup known as sup lembu made from mutton. You are also given drinks in the form of air sirap or ais Bandung, with condensed milk.

What To Know About Cooking Style Of The Malaysian Food
What To Know About Cooking Style Of The Malaysian Food

Other Delicacies Of The Malaysian Food

Some of the other Malaysian delicacies include a noodle that comes with lettuce, cucumber, and lettuce known as laksa. You also have fish mousse that toasted on the fire. This is called the otakotak.

You would want to know that different regions provide you with different varieties of laksa. Some of them come with ingredients from their place. The Malay salad, known as ulam, is famous among many visitors for some reason.

Delicacies Of The Malaysian Food

It comes with a wide range of herbs in it. You can find mint, lemongrass, basil, kaffir lime leaves, turmeric leaves, and vegetables. Hence, it is trendy among locals and visitors. The topping of the salad comes with fish crackers, dried prawns, salted fish, savories, and grated coconut.

In Kelantan, the dish Nasi Kerabu comes with blue rice and other side dishes. The blue color of the rice is due to the cooking of the dish. Since different kinds of herbs are used, they turn into blue once placed in the water.

What To Know About Cooking Style Of The Malaysian Food
What To Know About Cooking Style Of The Malaysian Food


If you love to have desserts, then you can try something like the bread-like puff, chopped nuts, sugar corn, known as apam balik. It is sweet, crunchy, and soft. The best part is that the dish makes you full.

Sometimes, guests have complained that the dessert is very filling. Malaysians love their food to be warm, welcoming, and sweet. Unlike the Chinese, the Malaysian food comes with a very different perspective.

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