Typical Chinese Food And Its Details

As food lovers, we love to try the different cuisines and food items in it. However, most of us love Chinese food. We can satisfy our cravings with Chinese food. There are a variety of Chinese food items available. As different individuals, our taste and choice might differ from each other. In this article, we will be discussing the types of Chinese food available around us. You might come across something quite different from typical Chinese cuisine.

Chinese Food

The list below will give you an idea of typical Chinese food items. You can choose and make your preference according to your taste.

Typical Chinese Food And Its Details
Typical Chinese Food And Its Details

Sweet And Sour Pork

This food item is one of the classic Chinese cuisine available. You cannot afford to reject the sweet and sour flavor along with the bright appearance. Some of us do not eat or like pork. Hence, restaurants change it to chicken. This dish is popular in the areas of Shanghai.

Kung Pao Chicken

While ordering Chinese, Kung Pao Chicken is the first dish that hits our mind. It is a primary diced chicken dish cook with peanuts, cucumbers, and peppers. This dish is moderately spicy but has a delicious flavor of the meat.

Spring Rolls

These are fried pancakes with fillings in South China. In the past, the Chinese had the custom of having spring rolls to mark as the end of the winter season. Of course, the beginning of spring season as well.

The filling is sweet or savory, all depending on your taste. The skins of spring rolls should be crispy, and padding must be tender. This marks the perfect spring roll.

Typical Chinese Food And Its Details
Typical Chinese Food And Its Details

Ma Po Tofu

Chengdu had a restaurant in 1862; they looked fantastic and tasteful tofu. People adored her recipe and started calling it Ma Po tofu. It is tofu cooked in spicy and hot sauce. The essential ingredients of the method are minded pork or beef, tofu, Sichuan pepper, and chilies.


Zhang Zhongjing was a famous doctor in ancient Chinese medicine. About 1800 years ago, he invented the famous Chinese dumplings. He prepared a small dough wrapper and added a stewed button with pepper and salt. He also used some herbs to work it as a medicine for frostbites and cold. He boiled these and shared among all his patients. Since it was distributed in the new year, people named it Dumplings. Today, it is a traditional fresh year food in China.


Wonton is originally from the northern part of China. However, they are quite popular in the southern regions as well. Wonton falls under Cantonese cuisine. Since there are various ways of cooking, packing, and filling, it has different local flavors.

In northern parts of China, celery, and famous pork or mutton are usually the common fillings.

Typical Chinese Food And Its Details
Typical Chinese Food And Its Details

In Hongkong, these wontons are fried in deep oil until it turns golden and a crisp texture. Moreover, it is popular as cooked the onton.

Fillings like minced pork and shrimp are common In the Guangdong area in China. People usually have these with noodles and make wonton noodles. Lastly, in Fujian area, people like to have wonton with light and warm soup.

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