Top Recipes That You Can Follow In Asian Diabetic Meal Plan -

Top Recipes That You Can Follow In Asian Diabetic Meal Plan

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When people start taking a healthy diet then they think that the food that they eat will be bland and tasteless. Salads are not something that they want to consume everyday. Instead it is better to make some changes in the food that they like so that they feel better and also are ready to  eat without causing any problems at all. One of the healthiest foods for a diabetic is surely Asian Food. It is packed with flavors and has vital nutrients that their body needs. So many easy and convenient recipes are available and you will find that you are not able to decide which recipe you want to cook. 

The dishes given below are easy and you can make them for the member of your family who is diabetic. You will get all the ingredients easily and your food will taste awesome. One of the best things is that even if you switch some of the ingredients your food will taste equally good and you will not even feel there was a swap. Meat and veggies will make the dishes very healthy and the taste will also be out of the world. Here is the list of simple Asian diabetic meal plan recipes that you can try and these convenient Asian diabetic meal plan recipes are easy and very delicious. 

Sesame Shrimp With Cucumber Salad

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This amazing cucumber salad is the best thing that goes with the simple sauteed shrimp in the most delicious manner. The dish will make flavors burst in your mouth and you will love the simplicity of the dish. The cucumbers can be smashed a bit so as to soak the vinaigrette in the proper manner. The cucumbers absorb the flavors easily and this is one of the reasons why this is done in Asian recipes. The shrimp is sauteed in some sesame oil so that they become crispy and take the dish a notch higher. A simple recipe that is appreciated and loved by all. 

Chicken, Mushroom, And Bok Choy Bowl

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If you love ground chicken then this is the recipe that you need to try. Ground chicken tastes great and there are so many flavors in it. A cast-iron skillet is used for browning and adding the crisp to the chicken. The bok choy stems have to be cooked first and then add the leaves which ensures that all the things are equally cooked. Also, stir fry some mushrooms so that the dish becomes even better. You can also put in some Scallion and Cilantro Barley to make the bowl hearty packed with all the nutrients needed by the body. A super healthy and delicious recipe that will leave everyone wanting more. 

Tandoori Grilled Chicken With Mint Raita

Tandoori grilled chicken is one dish that promises you unlimited flavors and taste that you will fall in love with. With an outdoor grill the dish will become even more amazing than it already is. You have to add traditional Indian spices so that your mouth fills with flavors with each bite that you take. Add some mint raita on the side that is made of mint and curd and Indian spices. A favorite dish among people that you will come to adore when you make it. 


These are the amazing Asian diabetic meal plan recipes that can be cooked at home with ease. All these recipes are super healthy and people with diabetes can eat them and enjoy them to the maximum. All the nutrients that their body needs will be provided to you with the help of these simple and delicious recipes. Also, oil is not used in a large quantity which adds to the health factor of these dishes.

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