For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils. Well, there are differences when it comes to cultures and their food. This fact can be witnessed with Asian dishes where food differs beautifully and tastefully.

This comes with differences not only in the type of food each culture offers, or the ingredients and manner of cooking these are prepared. Indeed, it comes in the utensils used to savor and consume these scrumptious cuisines.

Understand what cuisine from this wonderfully diverse part of the world, and check out our Top 50 Asian cuisine utensils that will add color, so to speak, to your home dining experience.

Top 50 Asian Cuisine: What It Is

There are 48 countries in the Earth’s largest continent, countries that hold much more than that number of precious cultures. You can imagine the diversity that runs through each territory. Peoples are living on the same land yet with completely varied ways of life.

This spills over to the thing that this article is about: Asian cuisine. In the attempt to explain it in a much simpler “map” for us to understand it collectively, it is divided into parts. You’ve got North Asian cuisine, Central Asian, South and Southeast, East and West Asian.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

You’re looking at the number 6 right there. Still, as you may very well know, it is a mélange of peoples and races that makes up these regions in rainbow-after-rainbow of traditions and practices. A few are similar to others. Most are so different from end to end of the spectrum.

A Few Reminders

There are some reminders to keep in mind when getting into the art of Asian cuisine cooking. Freshness. Fresher than the Fresh Prince himself (for those of us in that generation, you know how we … oh no. Me trying to sound cool). Fresh ingredients are key when it comes to preparing Asian dishes. Meat and vegetables, new and fresh meat and vegetables create a sort of “snap” to a meal. It makes a difference, we’re telling you now.

Another important reminder and this is something you might not be used to. Ingredients are to be cooked not together. Separately. Yup. This is the reason why Asian food takes much longer to put together. There are details that should not be missed because if they are, it drastically changes the entire feel, sense, and taste of the said cuisine.

That said, here now are the utensils you’ve been waiting for.

Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

1. 3-Layered Microwave Food Container

The bento box is said to have been invented and used for the first time around 1190. Workers carried their food in this manner because it was practical and because it kept food longer. There are certain types of dishes that, when mixed with others, spoil faster.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

With the innovation of technology now arrives the 3-layered microwavable food container. It’s a bento box made of wheat straw food-grade plastic PP. For this, it’s not just about durability. It’s that this material has passed the United States Food And Drug Administration requirements for food-safe products.

More than its microwave-safe capability, it’s designed with leak-proof brims and seals to keep food from spilling when you’re in transit.

2. 3-Piece Round/Flower Shaped Dough Cutting Tool

Dumplings. Jiaozi. Hun Dun. And a string of other names in their international versions. Dumplings are said to have been invented about 1,800 years ago by a well-known herbalist and medicine practitioner at the time. Zhang Zhongjing filled dough sheets with ingredients that included herbs.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

They’re thinly cut so care is a must when handling them. With the 3-piece round, flower-shaped dough cutting tool, you’ll have a more convenient method of coming up with wraps. You need to press the stainless steel, handheld utensil on the flattened dough and round or floral shape will emerge. We’re saying “or” because there are 2 designs to choose from.

3. DIY Dumpling Molding Kitchen Tool

We’ve got a dumpling dough cutting tool right above. Now, here’s the DIY dumpling molding kitchen tool. You’ve had gyozas, we’re sure. Or wontons. They have that half-moon, crescent-like shape that immediately lets you recognize what it is.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

This dumpling molding utensil is a molder that, when you lay down the sliced dough wrap on it, fill it with your ingredients, the next step is to simply close the tool itself together and hold for a few seconds. Just like that, you’ll have that gyoza-structured piece, stress-free.

Additionally, these molds can be quickly washed. They’re manufactured from silicone so ingredients, dough more specifically, won’t stick to it as it does on other materials.

4. Anti-Rolling Korean Hollow Chopsticks

For most Southeast Asian cuisine, chopsticks complete the entire meal. Not that they can be eaten.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Even then, these countries’ dishes vary despite using the same eating utensils. Amazing, isn’t it? For those who are looking for an easier approach towards learning how to use them, or those seeking pairs that will match your classy kitchenware, the anti-rolling Korean hollow chopsticks are for you.

These are definitely not your ordinary pair of chopsticks. Wood and stainless steel are the norms. Though yes, these are of stainless steel, their hue and design have a luxurious vibe that will elevate any dining ware set.

5. Bamboo Steamer Basket Set

The bamboo steamer basket set will ensure you don’t go through these hassles. They don’t require electricity due to the fact that a pan of water is what it requires to heat food. Items such as dumplings and Baos are the ideal eats for heating. Having them hot and toasty is the way to go.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

On the other hand, vegetables and other meat products can be heated in these bamboo steamers as well. Stack the bamboo steamer plates on top of one another and you’ll be able to heat more food in less time.

Each rim, the top, and the bottom are perfectly measured to accommodate a new platter without the risk of the stack falling down.

6. Basic Chef Uniform

Whether you’re a professional chef or not, you have to admit (as we do) that wearing a chef uniform gives you that tingling excitement of “heck-yes, this is legit, y’all.” Accompany that with an eyebrow raise and slow nodding.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Our favorite basic chef uniform is here for you to have and wear. There’s a psychology behind it, how you prepare yourself in terms of cooking apparel and your approach to preparing meals. Psychologists say that a good percentage of people who wear spick and span, professional cooking attires act accordingly when they’re in the kitchen: they treat cooking in that professional manner.

When you’re at home, you can do this by wearing this chef uniform. Not only does it look pro, but its polyester fabric will also make it easier for you to brush dirt and simple stains off. To clean it is effortless. Soak it in light detergent and water, and you’ll get that sparkling white color in a blink of an eye.

7. Durable Wooden Spoon

Stainless steel cutlery is the common material you’ll find in every household, no exaggeration. Most families own these types of spoons and forks because they’re inexpensive, durable, hardwearing, and yet has a very nice aesthetic to them.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

What about the durable wooden spoons for the kitchen? It may be a tad out of the ordinary. After all, they don’t exactly fall in the norm of what you have in your cutlery drawer. But that’s what makes these so special.

They’re of high quality, non-toxic, tasteless wood. This allows them to be excellent utensils for food. Not only that, they’re environment-friendly. These gorgeous wooden tools are safe both for you, your family and for the Earth.

8. Portable Chopsticks Trainer For Children

Teach your child how to use these Asian cuisine utensils, fun and delightful tool, the portable chopsticks trainer for children! Utilizing these utensils are an art form in themselves, many experts say. The cadence and grace it requires are indicative of this.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Thus, while your kiddos are still kiddos, this age is the best time for them to be comfortable with using chopsticks and to have a good grasp of how it’s used. The portable chopsticks trainer for children has 3 rings, 2 on one stick, one of the other. These rings are for three of the main fingers that are employed in holding and balancing the said sticks.

They keep them from falling off and allows for a mechanism of positioning fingers the way they should be when gripping each stick. Plus, these pairs come in cute animal designs and bright colors to encourage your children to learn the art of eating with these utensils.

9.  DIY Pastry Pie Dumpling Bun Maker

Bow to the bao. Klang! Hear the brass gong go as you think about a warm, soft and meaty baozi, matched with tea or a drink of your preference. These steamed buns originated from China, the way dumplings did. Although it’s possible these may have had their humble beginnings earlier on, around 400 B.C.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Similar to the way bread is made, bao buns contain yeast, baking powder, flour, milk, and oil. This mixture is what will, after being baked, turn into the white, fluffy buns you know and love. Only, there’s a catch. How do you create that popularized bao bun shape?

It’s right in front of you. Literally. #9 on this list is the DIY pastry pie dumpling bun maker. Once you’ve flattened the dough, insert the ground meat (along with other ingredients), fold and roll it so that it resembles a ball. This ball, you need to lay in the bun mold and lift the bottom tube until the flower-shaped mold encloses around the dough ball.

10. Kitchen Chef Knife

Having a good set of kitchen knives isn’t merely for show. It doesn’t only say that you’re serious when it comes to cooking. It doesn’t only show friends and family that you’ve got really good taste in kitchenware (Is this a thing?).

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 10 Asian Cuisine Utensils

What a good kitchen knife does, in reality, is the obvious, in-our-face answer: to cut through ingredients and cut them with ease. The kitchen chef knife on this list is of manganese make. It has a level of toughness that allows it to have a strength and a sharpness that slices through meat smoothly, meat and any other item. This is a knife that even pros have in their kitchen because of its quality.

11. Chinese Porcelain Teacup 

Tea is a drink that’s almost never off the table when it comes to Asian cuisine. It’s become a cultural feature, this plant-based drink. However, more than that, it’s a good aid to your digestive system. As you know, most Asian meals come in servings and with a whole lot of side dishes.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Enjoy your cup of tea with this Chinse porcelain teacup. They’re magnificent to behold as these cups were manually molded and hand-painted. You’ll also notice the craftsmanship behind it with the life-like fish design found at the bottom of the teacup.

12. Microwavable Double-Layered Bento Lunch Box

Keep your soup separate from your veggies. Your dessert segregated from your meat dish. You won’t want it if your food gets all jumbled up in a chaotic mess of sweet, sour and salty. Most especially when you’re in transit.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

These lunch boxes are BPA free. So, your food will always be safe and won’t include any non-toxic hazards. Similarly, it’s microwaveable. Feel free to heat your food in the microwave for that piping-hot steam as you have your meal.

13. Portable Chinese Stainless Steel Chopsticks

Chopsticks are the main utensils used on a table that serves meals, particularly in Southeast Asia. For this reason, it’s best to enjoy your meals that are themed with culture and ingredients from the said part of the globe with these portable Chinese stainless steel chopsticks.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Not only are their stainless steel components anti-rust and corrosion, but their handles are also manufactured with wheat straw materials. The latter is able to withstand different temperatures of hot and cold, you’ll find it agreeable to grip when you enjoying straight-from-the-stove hot dishes.

14. Purple Clay Tea Table Set For Chinese Tea Ceremony

The Chinese Tea Ceremony is a delicate practice done during special occasions in the said culture. For this serene ceremony, specific utensils are to be used, as a way of fulfilling its true purpose. And, as a way of honoring and respecting it.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Those two values, along with tranquility are what lay under its symbolism. With the purple clay tea table set for the Chinese tea ceremony, you’ll be able to get in touch with this cultural tradition. Its ceramics aren’t only hardwearing. Alternately, they’re authentic and very elegant.

15. Japanese Wood Plates Round, Rectangle, Square And Oval

Deciding on upgrading your kitchenware and utensils? One way to go about it, and this is a trend that’s catching in the market as of current, is to go eco-friendly. It doesn’t stop with being merely a “trend”. But, you’ll actually be contributing to saving the planet.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Here’s a set of Japanese wood plates are made from rubberwood. Consequently, rubberwood is strong and resilient to water and other corroding elements. This means that it won’t attract mold, and can be used for a long period of time without its quality diminishing.

16. Japanese Damascus Chef’s Knife

A good set of kitchen knives is a sign of a cook or a chef who cares about what he or she does. Aside from this, it’s a practical way to do things. Having good cutters and slicers make cooking go much more smoothly.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

You’ll be amazed by the Japanese Damascus chef’s knife because it’s manufactured with VG10 super steel core. You’re looking at a knife that can be sharpened much quicker and easier compared to average ones. Plus, this very component of VG10 super steel allows it to retain is edging sharpness longer.

17. Japanese Portable Kids Lunchbox

Convenient food packing is a must for your kid’s lunch to school. On the one hand, you need a container that can hold the amount of food you’ll be preparing for them. On the other, it should be effortless to use once your child’s in school.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

For a receptacle that will do just that, and has leak-proof lids for liquids and other watery dishes, the Japanese portable kids’ lunchbox is a fan favorite. It prevents food mixing with its mid-divider found inside. To add to this, it seals in eats-flavor and temperature.

18. 1 Pc Cheese Butter Slicer Tool

An ingredient that’s quite tricky to manipulate and shape is cheese. Add butter in the mix as well. They stick to cutting materials the moment you slice through. And that means more time and effort wasted when you need to separate the dairy product from your cutlery blade.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Thus, presenting, with trumpet sounds majestic, the 1-piece cheese and butter slicer tool. It can slice butter and cheese with precision. Likewise, it has the capability to slice them in those thin and even cuts for a pleasing aesthetic.

19. 2 Pattern Stainless Steel Cheese Grater

Cheese is that dairy which adds creamy goodness to a dish. For Asian cuisine, you’ll be surprised to find it where you least expect it. Even in ramen! Although, a lot of cheese graters out there work well at first. But in the long run, they lose their grit, so to speak.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

With the 2-pattern stainless steel cheese grater, you’ll be getting grating power with minimum effort. Due to its sharp blades, they’ll do the heavy-cranking for you. Most noteworthy, it comes with 2 different blade patterns.

20. 2-In-1 Professional Meat Tenderizer Marinade Injector

Getting those thick meat slabs tender requires a lot of pounding. If you have a food-grade mallet, go ahead. We won’t stop you if that’s what you’ve been used to utilizing. In contracts, if you want a piece of equipment that’ll cut down the work time and energy to provide the excellent mea t-punching results, check this out.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

The 2-in-1 professional meat tenderizer marinade injector. This tenderizer has differently angled rods to give the meat that much needed poking on all of its sides. Above all, you’ll love that this equipment is also a marinade injector. Two functions in the same awesome kitchen tool.

21. 2-In-1 Pepper Chili Bell Jalapeno Seed Remover And Slicer

A mouthful for a name, isn’t it? For a good reason. The 2-in-1 bell pepper chili jalapeno seed remover and slicer is a simple and practical tool. Yet, it’s a tool you’ll want to have in your very own kitchenware collection.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Remove bell pepper seeds in one swift motion with this food-safe plastic seed remover and slicer. It has a tube that can be inserted in a bell pepper’s core. Push it down until its base and twist. Next, pull the tube remover out. No sweat.

22. 4-Piece Cheese Knives Set

We’re still all about the cheese. As we’re sure you are, too. Who doesn’t like this creamy-licious dairy product? Whether you serve it grated on pasta, as a filling for burgers and sandwiches, or have them on their own, cheese is a win.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

If you’re having guests over for some cheese, crackers, and wine, the 4-piece cheese knives set ooze class and luxury. They’ll add elegance to your utensils and will definitely wow your friends and family. Easy to use, wash and maintain, own this 4-piece package today.

23. Bamboo Cheese Board

Just as sophisticated as the 4-piece knives set comes its partner and better half. The bamboo cheese board. Mind you, this isn’t your typical cheese board. In fact, it isn’t your typical chopping board at all.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Its eco-friendly bamboo make isn’t its only stunning feature. Though that alone is enough to win us over. This bamboo cheese board has slots for eating utensils such as spoons and forks. At the same time, it has dents on each side for holding other pieces of edibles.

24. Bamboo Heat Resistant Pan Mats

Tired of ruining furniture, tablecloths, table runners and placemats because they aren’t able to withstand the heat of that casserole you’re cooking? There’s another Earth-friendly ware for this. The bamboo heat resistant pan mats.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

This bamboo material is an excellent conductor of heat. Further, they’re durable and sturdy. Another, you can use it as a lifter for steaming buns, dumplings and the like. That’s right. It has a double-feature you’ll adore.

25. 6 In 1 Multifunctional Vegetable Slicer

Slicing vegetables shouldn’t have to be a chore. And shouldn’t have to take so much of your time. If you often find yourself cooking for tons and have nobody to help you with the chopping? It’s here. The 6-in-1 multifunctional vegetable slicer.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

With 6 different blades to choose from, you can add creativity and quirkiness to your dishes. Smooth, round cuts, ridged, think slices, and more. Efficiently shred those veggies with double the speed. To further that, it comes with a peeler, too.

27. Anti-Slip Round Placemat

There’s a way to upgrade the look of your dining room. How? By revamping the way you set up the dining table. Placemats instantly give a different theme with just a few pieces on the furniture. And if you’re on the lookout for simple yet luxurious, the anti-slip round placemats will be your new favorite.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

These contain Japanese hemp material for that organic feel. But it’s sown sturdily so that it can avoid fringing at its ends. Take your pick from a variety of colors and sizes. Pair them up or mix and match according to style.

28. BBQ Grill Mat

When you plan a cookout, as host, you’re automatically designated as the head cook. Well, we admit just as you might have already, that grilling isn’t a piece of cake. Or of meat, in that sense. It takes a lot of time.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Grill those meat cuts right with the BBQ grill mats. They are conducive to heat. Therefore, these mats are able to cook faster than normal. Not only so, but you can fire up those veggies as well for crispy greens to include to your meat servings.

29. Borosilicate Glass Measuring Cup

Measuring ingredients is a key factor when ensuring that you get the flavor of your dish right. Using estimates is fine. So long as you’re preparing cuisine you’ve created many, many times before. However, it’s still safest to use borosilicate glass measuring cups.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

These stunning and transparent Borosilicate glass measuring cups have heightened strength and corrosion resistance. As a result, they’re able to withstand high temperatures and repeated usage.

30. Bread Slicer Holder

There’s a way to slice bread with squishing its overall make. There’s a way to get those cuts done nicely without ruining its edges. Turn to our bread slicer holder and your bread-slicing dilemma will be resolved in a jiffy.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

This hardwearing bread slicer holder is made with ABS plastic, you’re sure to keep it in your kitchen for a long period of time. It can strategically-placed slicing holes for that precision-cut bread pieces, as though you put them through a slicing machine.

31. Butter Tray Container

Find the ideal container for butter (or for cheese, it’s up to you) is more troublesome than it seems on the onset. Butter has a consistency that won’t mingle well with a lot of surfaces. You wouldn’t want it to stick to a repository’s sides and strenuously scrape off the dairy product.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Slide it onto this butter tray container and you’ll have no regrets. Its stainless steel bottom is easy to clean. On the other hand, its PVC cover provides you with a clear and exquisite appearance that gels well with its stainless steel base.

32. Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

You know what they say. Having your own set of kitchen cutlery says much about how you view the art of cooking. Maybe this isn’t true for everybody. Still, there’s some truth in it. Wanting to up your level in the said art?

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Own the ceramic kitchen knife set. With packages of 3 pieces and of 5, these ceramic, ABS and TPR-manufactured slicers have a sharpness that lasts long. No need to keep sharpening and re-sharpening its blades.

33. Cheese Melter Pan

Mozzarella cheese. Fondue. Melted dairy on your casserole. Here’s a cooking utensil that will make cheese melting so much easier. The cheese melter pan. No complications. No mess. Just an effective tool you’ll want to use as often as you can.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Conveniently melt cheese on the melter pan as its stainless steel surface offers ease in pouring/ scraping the said ingredient off and onto your dish. More than this, it comes with its own spatula that grip-friendly.

34. Compartment Lunch Box Stainless Steel Insulation Bento Food Container

A lengthy one, eh? Yup. Don’t be daunted by that. Because there’s a purpose for why the title alone has caught your attention. The compartment lunch box stainless steel insulation bento food container is a unique food holder in itself.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

It has insulated sides, which helps let your food stay warm even when you’re on the move. Also, it has a divider to prevent food items from being a jumbled mess of color and of taste. Even better, it has 4 enclosing lip caps to make sure eats won’t spill out.

35. Dual Water Bottle

Want a flask that can hold your drink while you’re outside working, or working out? How about this… a tumbler that won’t hold merely one kind of drink. But two. That’s right. It’s possible with the innovation done through the dual water bottle.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Take a second to check out how this bottle has 2 sides. One for each drink you’ll want to have with you wherever you go. Containing eco-friendly, food-safe materials, it has leak-proof features to avoid liquid spillage.

36. Double-Layer Lazy Snack Bowl

Draining fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be so hard. Yet, it is. Especially when, like us, every second count in your multi-colored (a more positive way of saying things) schedule! Here’s a utensil that will take less time in washing those eats.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

The double-layered lazy snack bowl. This high-quality plastic bowl works as a water strainer for when you wash nature’s eats. Lift the upper layer and boom. Water will be drained without hassles. Afterward, use it as a snack receptacle.

37. Electric Food Slicer

When you’re preparing food at home, getting those ingredient slices perfect (or as close to perfect as possible) is a challenge. Slicing meat manually when you’re cooking a dish good for an army. An exaggeration. But you totally know what we mean.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Utilize this electric food slicer which as blades that go 275 turns per minute. Sharp and quick, you’ll have those meat and vegetable cuts in no time at all. Also, it has a security lock button to secure food in place while slicing.

38. Electric Milk Frother

Ever wonder how froth always seems to come with the coffee you order at that expensive café? You’re right. It’s probably because they have a frothing machine. Like most coffee houses these days do. If you’re a coffee lover like us, read on, folks.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

You don’t need to have a coffee machine. The electric milk frother is all you need. With a button-operated electric stirrer, watch as froth rises from your steaming hot (or cold) drink and have it a la 5-star restaurant.

In contrast, you can use it to beat eggs, whip small amounts of cream, and others!

39. Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine

Keep your edibles lasting longer with the food vacuum sealer packaging machine. How does this machine lengthen a food’s shelf life? By sealing it and in doing so, not allowing oxygen to permeate. Oxygen, being the factor that quickens food’s spoiling period.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Accordingly, you can also utilize this handheld device to seal items you want to sell. Others may disagree but the packaging says a lot about your product. Let them last long and seal in their flavor with this gadget.

40. Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

Juicing is a method that allows you to ingest a whole bunch of nutrients without feeling like you’ve eaten way more than a whole meal. That’s the beauty of it. Juice fruits and veggies as much as you want to and the juicer won’t break down the nutrients. It only turns those eats into a pulp for easy digestion.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Hence, you should have this fruit and vegetable juicer in your own home. Above all, it gives you a 90% juice-yield. And it juices so quickly. Just press the button and you’ll have an instant healthy drink in no more than seconds to a few minutes.

41. Fruit And Vegetable Instant Cutter

These days, “instant” is the operative word. We want things done in a lesser amount of time while yielding the same, if not better, results. We’re here to tell you that this fruit and vegetable instant cutter is one of those devices.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Cut tomatoes, potatoes, and more with a push of this device. You’ll instantly have those French-fry cuts that restaurants serve these said veggies in. So yes, it’s a handy and hassle-free kitchen aid for slicing.

42. Fruit Infuser Juicer-Shaker

Bring your healthy juice or tea with you when you’re outside of the comfort of your home. Sometimes, being away from home becomes an excuse to not drink healthy. Not with the fruit infuser juicer shaker. It’s more than your ordinary tumbler.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

It has a tube where you can insert tea and fresh fruits. Talk about adding healthy ingredients to what you drink. Moreover, its Tritan plastic overall make is what allows it to be so durable, it won’t easily crack or break.

43. Fish Scale Scraper Kitchen Tool

Things are getting a little too… scaly? That is to say, in terms of cooking a dish where fish is the main ingredient. Getting off those scales requires tedious work if you’ll try to DIY it in your kitchen. Instead of going over the same area repeatedly, use this fish scale scraper kitchen tool.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

With one glide, it quickly removes scales cleanly. Even so, it has a scale keeper so that this receptacle holds those scales while you do the job. And you can take them out all at once soon after usage.

44. Large Spoon Kitchen Strainer

Straining while cooking at the same time? You can do it with the large spoon kitchen strainer. If your boiling vegetables, cooking pasta, frying rolls and more, here’s the ultimate kitchen spatula for offering ease in scooping those edibles out with convenience.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Its PP material can be dipped in hot liquids. Still, it will retain its original shape. Plus, its scooper size is 2x larger than standard. You’ll be able to get more ingredients with one dip and save on precious time and effort.

45. Multi-Function Vegetable Slicer

This has become a fad these days. You’ll see so many automatic pull-string slicers in the market, and be confused with the plethora of them out there. For us, we’ve chosen the multi-function vegetable slicer as a part of our Favorites List.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

It has replaceable blades to fit your vegetable slicing needs. 3 blades, to be exact. When it comes to rotation speed, it’s a feature that has made this kitchen item a must-have. With a pull, you’ll see how its rotator blades are easily able to slice and mince food items quickly.

46. Multi-Function Kitchen Stainless Steel Scissor

You can’t use just any type of scissors for cutting vegetables. Let alone meat and other thicker food items. The multi-function kitchen stainless steel scissor is the pair for you because it’s specially manufactured for utilization in the kitchen.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Thick, stainless steel blades contribute to why this pair cuts accurate and seamlessly even through thick ingredients. To add, its handles are grip-comfortable due to its ergonomic design.

47. Multifunctional Rotary Drum Grater

Choosing the ideal grater can be a chore. A lot of them are promising and promise much efficiency and hardwearing. Yet the problem remains. After a while, blades lose their sharpness and the rotary mechanism becomes difficult to wield.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Stay away from those problems with the multifunctional rotary drum grater. It has 5 types of interchangeable blades that are all made of stainless steel. They’re resistant to rust and corrosion. Therefore, this drum grater is a tool that will have the same sharpness despite repeated grating.

48. Multifunctional Manual Spiral Vegetable Slicer

The aesthetic of what you prepare in the kitchen plays a part in its appeal. We didn’t make this up. Studies show that part of the dining experience is its invitation to how it looks. And if you’re thinking about creative ways to follow through with this, try the multifunctional manual spiral vegetable slicer.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Save on electricity with this spiral vegetable slicer. It can spiralizer various sizes of edibles and has a chute that automatically dispatches what’s been sliced.

49. Non-Stick Copper Frying Pan With Ceramic Coating

Cooking with a pan that frequently lets ingredients stick to is frustrating. Scraping them off takes time, and in the long run, could damage the pan itself. Switch to the non-stick copper frying pan with ceramic coating today.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

This classic-designed and colored non-stick pan can be fried on without letting food stick to its surface. Additionally, it has high induction capabilities so you’ll cook food faster with it. Other than that, its ceramic coating is scratch-proof.

50. Rotating Spice Rack

Let your spices be organized. Not only will is it a way to clean up the kitchen but it’s also a method of letting cooking be flawlessly quick. You won’t need to rummage through bottles and plastic bags of the spices you need when they’re already presented neatly and on a rack.

For Kitchenware Diversity: Top 50 Asian Cuisine Utensils

Enter, the rotating spice rack. It has 6 glass containers for various kinds of spices. And it includes a rotating base. Set this rack in the middle of your dining table and you and your loved ones will have an effortless manner of reaching the spice bottle they want.

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