The Top 10 Meals Of South-East Asia

The top 10 meals of South-East Asia can make your mouth water as you read this. Moreover, if you are a foodie and love to try tasty dishes in various places, these meals should be must-tries for you.

In fact, you may not foresee what will be on your plate tomorrow. It can be anything and from any place. Indeed, there is so much fun in trying varied dishes and enjoying different cuisines. Moreover, if you have traveling on your wish-list, then nothing gives you more pleasure than the delicious foods of the land.

Specialty South-East Asian Meals: The Top 10 Meals

Learn About The Top Ten Meals Of South-East Asia And Their Specialties
The Top 10 Specialty Meals Of South-East Asia

In South-East Asia, people are very fond of traditional dishes that are quite mouth-watering. There are many varieties of food. Moreover, selecting from such a huge array can be a tight affair under time constraints. At the same time, the ambiance of the food joints is not of much importance. All they care about is taste and flavor. Be ready, though: the food can come from a simple cart or a stylish eatery. Indeed, you will love street food as well. Actually, if you are a food lover, you should definitely get to know these top 10 meals.

One dish that requires special mention is Banh Xeo. This dish consists of crispy pork and shrimp served as a pancake. This is a special dish in Vietnam. While this is a very simple dish, it is incredibly delicious. As well, this dish has beautiful texture. Each serving is primarily a stuffing of juicy shrimp and minced pork inside a shell of rice and turmeric. We are pretty sure that this dish can leave a profound impact, one that you will never forget.

The next dish is in Indonesia. It is actually slow-roasted pork known as Babi Guling. This delicious dish contains several layers of various spices.

Another popular food item is Khao Soi from Thailand. This is a crispy noodle curry. However, the texture of the soup varies between Thailand and Laos. In Laos, it is a soup with a thick broth. On the other hand, the soup contains coconut milk and turmeric sauce in Northern Thailand. Indeed, the addition of crispy-fried egg noodles on the top of the soup results in an unparalleled dish. Moreover, it is the staple food of Northern Thailand. In fact, this dish is hard to find in any other part of the world.

Learn About The Top Ten Meals Of South-East Asia And Their Specialties
The Top 10 Specialty Meals Of South-East Asia

Some More Tasty Food

The fish curry of Cambodia is also very famous in South-East Asia. The local name is Fish Amok. This is a most suitable food to satisfy a hungry traveler.

The Chili Pan Mee of Malaysia is also an iconic noodle dish. The stir-fried wheat noodles can be ordered in either wet or dry versions. Many people love the dry version more than the wet one. The toppings include a delicious sauce and minced pork. In some cases, the dish may be served with some crisp-fried anchovies.

The Som-Tam of Thailand is a famous green papaya salad. This is a unique kind of salad that you will love for many reasons. Although the base is fruity, additions of different savory toppings enhance the taste. While there still are some other dishes that also require special mention, let this suffice for now.

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