Chinese Cuisine: Making Split Peas Pudding


Chinese cuisine culture is a matter of pride for Asians. Their cooking methods and apparatus are admirable. The food presentation is also worth appreciation.

Chinese cooking is all about herbs and using the right ingredients in the food. Surprisingly physicians recommend Chinese food items for patients suffering from flu or cold. The herbs used in the tea or soups provide nutrition to the body.

The Split Peas Pudding From The Chinese Cuisine
The Split Peas Pudding From The Chinese Cuisine

The Split Peas Pudding A Popular Chinese Cuisine

In this post, we will read all about the split peas pudding. Unlike another Chinese cuisine that mainly relies on soy sauce and rice vinegar, this is a change for the better. Chinese food does not encourage much of sugar or sweet dishes.

  1. Though they do prepare some authentic sweet dishes, unlike Indians, Chinese food culture comes with very few delicious recipes. In most of the Chinese dishes, you can find the use of vegetables and meat.
  2. Even in soups like the wonton soup, items like beef, chicken, pork, and others used. In this dessert dish, the split peas pudding, red beans are used. It is a healthy food item that comes with immense flavors and health benefit.
  3. Preparing the dish is also not time-consuming. You can use any bean. However, the red beans give a suitable flavor for the recipe. Using some hot water, you can cook the beans until they have become soft and melted.
  4. The boiled water need not drained as it used in the recipe. The flavor and taste mainly got from it. As it is a pudding, it is served cold. You need to keep it in the refrigerator for a few days before having it.

Hence, if you are expecting guests or have invited somebody, then prepare the split peas pudding a few days in advance. It is ideal to have during the summer season. The divided peas pudding can be cut in small shapes once it is ready and firm.

Preparing The Dessert

  1. You can then add your garnish. Some creativity and imagination will help you come up with the best possible appearance of the dish. Perhaps, you can take help of the internet and come up with your ideas.
  2. To prepare the dish, you need some red beans, coconut milk, cornstarch, milk, water, sugar, and agar. As you can see, it is only a few ingredients. Prepare the red beans as mentioned above using a steamer or cooker.
  3. Use some water and rinse the paste. Use a cooking pot and simmer the red beans until they become tender. Drain the water. Now, you can mix the milk, coconut milk, and cornstarch. After a few minutes of cooking, you can add the agar and sugar.
  4. It will start to thicken. This is when you can add the red beans to it. The mold that formed by a poured on the mix and chilled. After a day, you can cut it into the pieces you want and serve it to your guests.
The Split Peas Pudding From The Chinese Cuisine
The Split Peas Pudding From The Chinese Cuisine

For the shape, you can make use of candy molds, cartoon molds, or even pudding molds available in the market. You can purchase them according to your taste and preference. Your guests will indeed be amazed and impressed with your cooking skills and creativity.