Best Malaysian Food And It's Story Behind -

Best Malaysian Food And It’s Story Behind

The Cultural Diversity Among The Lovely Malaysian Food

Malaysia is a multicultural country. There is a wide variety of local Malaysian food items and other products like Nyonya and Mamak. In different regions across the country, the same food item comes with different names .

Top Food Items Of Best Malaysian Food

Nasi Lemak is one of the most popular Malaysian food. That is because it is the breakfast item in there. If you have been to Malaysia and come back without tasting it, then your trip is incomplete.

  1. The food item comes with some rice along with coconut milk. It is served with the Sambal Ikan Bilis and some boiled eggs. Some chicken, beef, and cucumber added to the dish. You can order the type of meat you prefer having with the meal.
  2. It understood that the Satay is another popular dish among Malaysian food. Here the meat marinated for some time. The meat can be anything. You could have beef, pork, mutton, and seafood.
  3. Once the meat is barbequed, you can have it served with some peanut sauce. You can also have some cucumbers, onions, and ketupat, which is rice that comes wrapped around the palm leaves.

The Nasi Dagang is a popular Malaysian food item that eaten by people of the East Coast Peninsular. The dish is rice that been steamed along with some coconut milk. Yes, Malaysian food comes with a lot of coconut milk.

The dish served with some boiled eggs, fried coconut, fish curry, and vegetables. Like mentioned earlier, you can have the bowl with the kind of food items you prefer having. It could be anything depending on your mood and texture.

The Cultural Diversity Among The Lovely Malaysian Food
The Cultural Diversity Among The Lovely Malaysian Food

The Best Food Options To Gobble On!

The Char Kuey Teow is a kind of noodles. Some of the ingredients are fish cake slices, prawns, eggs, and Chinese sausage. The exciting part about this dish is that it varies from one region to the other.

  1. You can use it in another region but a different name or flavor. The texture, too, might be slightly different. Like in China, some parts prefer having food spicy, and some areas like to have it bland.
  2. The same is true for Malaysia. There is also the Hainanese Chicken Rice that comes cooked with some steamed chicken. Though the dish sounds quite bland and dull, you would want to taste it. The food item comes served with some sauce that is slightly on the spicy side.
  3. The Prawn Mee is a kind of noodles that served along with the fish stock made of shrimp, hence the name. In some regions of the country, the dish is served with pork and fishcakes. Like mentioned earlier, Malaysian food allows you to taste the menu depending on your mood and flavor.
The Cultural Diversity Among The Lovely Malaysian Food
The Cultural Diversity Among The Lovely Malaysian Food

You can also have them with some rice and beef. The Bak Kut Teh is a type of soup that comes served with pork. Finally, we have the Banana Leaf Rice, which is steamed rice that cooked in a banana leaf. The meal is eaten with fried chicken, fried fish, and vegetables. The dish comes with the meat you want to have the rice with.

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