The Best Asian Food In Metro Vancouver

best asian food in vancouver

The best Asian food in Vancouver is a debate. Is it the high end places? Is it the corner deli? Is it the street vendor? The truth is, when it comes to Asian food in Vancouver, we are spoiled for choice.

Let’s start with sushi. If you think about sushi in Vancouver, you are going to think about some of the most delicious sushi on the West Coast. It is hard to think of any other cuisine that has managed to capture so much of what American and Japanese food offer, but dim sum has the distinct honor of being considered one of the definitive examples of Asian cuisine in North America. Many Vancouver locals swear by it.

An Overview

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Dim sum is a classic seafood dish – spicy, sweet, and with a hint of sour, it’s a natural choice for those seeking an Asian-influenced menu. Sushi is just one aspect, however. If you are looking for a complete Asian meal in Vancouver, head to Pho. Started in the early 1970s, Pho specializes in stir-fried dishes with a variety of vegetables and meats. While some of the traditional ingredients have changed (lamb and beef tend to be more popular here than pork and chicken), the meat is always a favorite and is always prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Asian Foods In Vancouver

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Another great Indian cuisine in Vancouver is Pakistani and Indian. Like sushi, it’s hard to think of another American-Indian entree that is as versatile and delicious. From starters like samosas and curries, to main courses consisting of meat, vegetables, and a selection of sauces, there is something for every taste palette. One thing that is a bit different about Pakistani and Indian food in Vancouver is the use of heavy spices – turmeric, cinnamon, and cardamom are common in the ingredients of most dishes. While many of the ingredients are the same, the spices are used in such a way that gives them their distinct flavour, instead of being overwhelmed by the more subtle tastes of the vegetables, meat, and sauces.

While you’re in town visiting Vancouver, don’t miss Pho. Although not originally from India, this Vietnamese cuisine has created its own unique place in the heart of Canada’s West Side. With its long, lazy Riverside dining area and friendly, helpful staff, Pho can rival any Asian restaurant in the city. Along with traditional Vietnamese dishes like stir-fried rice and various noodles, Pho also offers one of the best chicken dishes in all of Canada. Boneless, marinated chicken is flavoured with lemongrass, ginger, and garlic before being marinated in ginger-water and then cooked in a traditional Vietnamese style with fresh vegetables.

Perhaps one of the best Asian food in Vancouver is Thailand’s Thais. The influence of Thai cuisine can be found in the food of just about any city in North America, as well as places like California and New York. In fact, when it comes to Asian food, you’ll likely find a similar blend of influences in all areas of the world. From Japanese, Mexican, and Indian influences to Chinese, Filipino, and Vietnamese fare, the Thai influence can be traced right back to the beginning of Thai culture. One of the best things about Thai food is that it’s not expensive at all, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank while enjoying one of the best Asian foods in town.

If you love Chinese food but are from BC, I’ve got some news for you: Chinese food in BC doesn’t necessarily have to end at McDonald’s or Tasty Oven. Because of the massive popularity of Asian restaurants in the city, you can now find almost every Chinese restaurant in town. There are also excellent Vietnamese and Indian cuisines available to taste in Vancouver, along with an ever-expanding selection of Asian food from other parts of Canada. Of course, the most popularly known Chinese restaurants in BC are located in the Byward Market and the Granville area of the downtown area. The Asian influence in the city has made Vancouver the new “Chinese Kitchen” to the “White Kitchen” of the country.

In Conclusion

Finally, in case you didn’t already know, Korean and Japanese cuisine is now also available from coast to coast in BC. Korean and Japanese foods are slowly making their way into all regions of Canada and should be a major hit here in Vancouver. As long as you’re not from BC, there’s no reason why you can’t try these new kinds of cuisines. Unlike its Asian neighbors, Canadian Korean and Japanese food don’t overwhelm the palate, leaving a delicate balance between sweet and sour that’s hard to beat. Korean and Japanese food is fast becoming one of the best cuisines in the city, so if you’re looking for a great new place to eat, Korean and Japanese in Metro Vancouver is the place to be.

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