The Best Asian Cuisine


The cuisine of Asia is a wide and varied one. It covers every nook and cranny of the vast continent and many restaurants in the U.S. are currently looking to expand their Asian food menu.

Each culture has its own distinctive set of cuisines. Some of the best Asian cuisines are those that have adapted well from other foods. Learn some of the best of what this continent has to offer through some simple research.

The Best Asian Cuisine
The Best Asian Cuisine

The Southern part of China is probably the most famous for its cuisines. There are many Chinese dishes that originated in the southern part of China. The dish Jiangsu white beef, which is red in color, was named after the region of this country.

Jiangsu white beef is one of the most popular dishes in all of China. Some say that the dish originated in Taiwan and was brought over by emigrants who had gone to the south. The dish was created to help cure the massive dregs that were left over when beef products were fermented. People in Taiwan have been eating this meat for hundreds of years.

Fried rice is not an uncommon dish in Japan. This dish can be very delicate or very rich. People love this dish because it can be eaten with rice or noodles. Rice and noodles are the popular forms of this dish because it is easy to make and more affordable than other options.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is very diverse. In fact, the Indian subcontinent has some of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Many people think that the most popular of all Indian dishes is Chutney (a spicy sauce made from fermented vegetables). There are different kinds of chutneys, some are made with a vegetable base while others are made with herbs and spices. Other popular dishes include Vada Pao (a delicious and filling curry), Paneer Tikka (ground meat stuffed in dough) and Spicy Tandoori Chicken (a spicy chicken dish)

Another popular dish in the southern part of India is the South Indian cuisine. South Indian cuisine is very unique because it combines several different types of cuisine into one dish. The various types of South Indian cuisine include Northern Indian cuisine (a combination of North Indian and Pakistani dishes), Southern Indian cuisine (a fusion of North Indian and Southern Indian dishes), and the Northern and Eastern Indian cuisine (a fusion of Northern and Southern Indian cuisine). These dishes are all great and distinct to the country that they originated from.

World’s Greatest Cuisines

Thai cuisine is widely recognized as one of the world’s greatest cuisines. Thailand is known for its seafood, many varieties of noodles and seafood. You will find that many dishes in Thailand are seafood based. Even the spicy dishes and noodles are related to the food that was eaten before.

Thai food is often difficult to prepare correctly and it requires many things to be done in the proper order. Once the right preparation is done, Thai food is perfect and easy to eat. Because of this, the dish is also considered to be the world’s best comfort food.

The cuisine of Malaysia is a mixture of Chinese, Portuguese, and other Indian styles of cooking. Malaysian cuisine has a very distinct flavor. This country is known for its spicy dishes. You will find that many dishes are quite simple in their preparation but they are sure to please.

The Best Asian Cuisine
The Best Asian Cuisine

Final Verdict

This popular cuisine is also said to be the world’s best curry. The dishes here are very spicy and they often include a coconut flavored sauce. This sauce is said to have originated in Rajasthan and has been combined with various ingredients to create many dishes. Curry dishes are delicious and popular throughout the world.

The popularity of dishes from other countries is greatly influenced by the tourism that comes with the popularity of those countries. Therefore, if you want to learn about many different cuisines, there are many people offering cooking classes and tours in different countries where the cuisine is popular. You can take classes at local universities or online cooking schools that offer the best of Asian cooking.