Awesome Thai Food: How To Cook Thai Pepper Steak -

Awesome Thai Food: How To Cook Thai Pepper Steak

Thai Food: How To Cook The Thai Pepper Steak

Thai food has a unique taste and flavor. Since it is a tropical region, most of the food items are prepared using spices. Even some salads are highly spiced. The Thais love using mustard oil or vegetable oil for cooking.

In this article, you will read about Thai pepper steak recipe. It is the perfect dish that comes to mind due to its unusual ingredients. Based initially on a Chinese recipe, it can also be prepared using Thai variations.

Steps in Cooking Thai Pepper Steak

Depending on your preference for spice, you can reduce the amount of crushed red pepper and black pepper that goes in the dish. The main ingredients include beef strips, vegetable oil, red bell pepper, and green bell pepper. You also need some sliced onion, dried celery, cornstarch, brown sugar, can beef broth, soy sauce, water, and rice vinegar. To garnish, prepare ground black pepper, sesame seeds, white pepper, red pepper, and rice.

As for the rice, cook it in boiling water. Once the rice has become soft, put it in a skillet, then heat the oil. Add the meat and stir the contents. When the meat is cooked, it becomes brown on all sides.

The next step would be to drain the liquid from the skillet and add the vegetables to it. Depending on your taste and preference, you can use the veggies for the dish. Ensure that you do not make the vegetables too soft. You need a little bite in it.

Now, you can add some beef broth, rice vinegar, and soy sauce to the recipe. You can also add the dry ingredients at this point. Apart from the cornstarch, you can mix everything else in the skillet. Keep stirring the dish.

For those who prefer having a gravy with their steak, use the water and cornstarch. Make sure that the gravy thickens and then serve hot. The recipe can be made dry, too.

Thai Food: How To Cook The Thai Pepper Steak
Thai Food: How To Cook The Thai Pepper Steak

Things To Know About Thai Food

Thai food is all about how you can prepare the dish using the right amount of flavors and ingredients. If you are not a spice person, it can still be appealing to you. You can always reduce the amount of heat that goes into the dish.

Be careful when using some of the ingredients like the chilies. They can be very deceptive in terms of how hot they end up being once mixed in your dish.

Thai cooking is similar to that of Chinese cuisine. Most of the Thai flavors and recipes are based on the latter. However, their uniqueness and distinct flavors of food make are enough reasons for Thais to be proud of their own cuisine.

Thai Food: How To Cook The Thai Pepper Steak
Thai Food: How To Cook The Thai Pepper Steak

In the similar manner that many Chinese dishes are prepared, Thai cooking also involves the use of wok and knives. The unique thing about Thai food is that they love to cook on open boats.

If you get a chance to visit Thailand, then do so. Remember to have some Thai food cooked on the floating boats and visit the floating market. It will be a good and memorable learning experience.

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