Review of Asian Vegan Recipe Book by Yummy Vegan Recipes - Review of Asian Vegan Recipe Book by Yummy Vegan Recipes -

Review of Asian Vegan Recipe Book by Yummy Vegan Recipes

asian vegan recipe book

A delicious way to eat: Jackfruit and Blue Ginger-a vegan recipe book by Rosemary Enigkotter are more than just an average vegan recipe book; it’s a comprehensive collection of traditional Asian favorites with a healthy twist. Perfect for vegans of all ages, including those with dietary restrictions, such as gluten or soy intolerance, or who want to eat healthier and more satisfying meals.

Vegan Diet Without Sacrificing Taste


You can eat well on your vegan diet without sacrificing taste, and this delicious vegan recipe book will give you tips and tricks on how to cook healthier dishes using traditional Asian ingredients. Enigkotter has combined her love of all things Thai with her passion for healthy cooking and combined both with the culinary knowledge of the world-famous Thai food writer Thornfield to create this book. If you’re a vegan who loves food from all over the world, or wants to learn more about vegan cooking, this book is for you!

Recipes For Sweet Dishes

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There are recipes for sweet dishes, Thai-inspired desserts, such as lemon or lime green tea, and even tofu. The author has tried to make her vegan cooking as tasty, as healthy, and as nutritious as possible. Jackfruit dishes have a unique nutty taste and are very rich in fiber. There are recipes for tofu and tempeh, and some unique vegan recipe dishes with tofu, such as tofu burgers, and tofu quesadillas.

Asian Vegan Recipes Books

There are many Asian vegan recipes books out there, but none of them can compare to this one! Besides being a complete guide for all of your vegan food needs, this book also includes a glossary of common terms used in vegan cooking, and a quick guide to making traditional Asian food items vegan. Besides that, the recipes are written in a clear, easy to understand, and completely organized language. You’ll love the way this book puts you right back into the kitchen. And that’s a good place, isn’t it?

Easy To Search

There is even an index that makes it easy to search through the many Asian vegan recipes, allowing you to easily find a recipe that you might not have tried yet. You can even save these recipes for later! This is especially helpful if you have a specific event coming up, or an upcoming holiday. When you use this book as a starting point for your own vegan food-recipe book, you can keep your own personal recipes as a family favorite that everyone will enjoy and remember.

Cheaper Book

I’m not only talking about the fact that you will save money, because this book is also a lot cheaper than most other vegan cookbooks. It’s the cost effectiveness that’s really amazing! You’ll find recipes for everything from sweet treats and desserts to whole grains and beans, along with many more exciting options! For example, this book contains several ways to prepare tempeh and jackfruit, two staples of the Thai diet! It’s written in a casual, conversational way, which is very pleasant to read.

In Conclusion

For me, the best thing about the Asian vegan recipes in this book is the fact that it’s full of delicious dishes for meat eaters and vegetarians. This vegan cookbook contains a variety of flavorful vegetable and meat dishes that can be made vegan-even with dairy and eggs. I’m not a big meat eater, but I have to admit that I’ve eaten tempted once or twice and really enjoyed it once or twice, but I’m now fully vegetarian. I’m glad that I bought this book; it’s one of the best Asian vegan recipe books I’ve ever read. If you’re looking for a simple vegan recipe guide with tons of great recipes, this book has it.

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