Quick and Easy Vegan Asian Recipes

vegan asian recipes

All this talk about vegan Thai food, curry, and vegan Italian recipes may have you thinking of Asian restaurant recipes, such as spicy coconut chicken, spicy cashew noodles, or vegan roman pasta, that you can certainly get for under $10 at the local Asian food store. But those vegan Asian recipes definitely are too spicy! Let’s face it, a little spice goes a long way in the world of food. If you’ve ever been to an Asian restaurant, then you know that the chefs there know how to use their spice to make wonderful dishes. But, if you’re not one to leave the house, then cooking for your family and friends in a vegan way can be very rewarding.

An Overview

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One of the most popular vegan Asian recipes involves Chinese stir-fry. This tasty dish is easy to prepare and delicious when served with vegetables and rice. You’ll start by frying a clove of garlic in a skillet until it is almost black and then add soy sauce, sesame oil, hot chili pepper paste, and white pepper. Then, stir in your lentil and cook for about 2 minutes or until the lentil is almost soft.

Another one of the more popular vegan Asian recipes is the famous Indian curries. This spicy and sweet curry are easy vegan recipes because you only need to use soy or brown rice (gluten free is also available) and black beans. First, sauce the chickpeas in two cups of water and let them soak for about twenty minutes. Then drain and rinse the beans, cut them into small chunks, and combine with the onions, garlic, ginger, and cumin. Add any flavorings to the mixture and cook on medium heat for about five minutes.

Quick Asian Vegan Recipes

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Another easy vegan Asian recipes is Korean foods. You can get some delicious recipes from this cuisine by searching the Internet. Unlike most Asian countries, Korean dishes are not too spicy and they’re very different from Chinese and Japanese dishes. In this case, the Korean food is more on flavor and aroma than their ingredients. In fact, many Korean dishes use vegetables like onions, bell peppers, and garlic.

Thai food is also a very popular cuisine that people love to make vegan Thai recipes. Unlike most Thai meals, this is a dish that is prepared in a different way. First, instead of using thin rice (thick rice is avoided due to its high calorie content), stir fry the beans with vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and coconut. Then, cook the sauce in a pan or on a stove for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, add some red curry powder and enjoy with your friends. This dish is served with fresh salads or fruits.

A very delicious vegan Asian recipe is the Biryani, which is also called Indian-burnt casserole. The recipe is very easy and you can prepare it in less than 30 minutes. For this recipe, you will need a bottle of red wine (for the marinade), some spices, chick peas, onion, dried vermicelli, coriander leaves, coconut milk, chickpea flour, and the fresh and boiled lentils. After simmering all these ingredients together for about five minutes, serve the Biryani hot with the sauce of your choice (curried red chilies, honey, mint, etc.)

In The End

General Tso’s, or more popularly known as Fried rice, is very popular in Singapore. This is one of the most famous vegan recipes in Asia. General Tso’s is a simple dish consisting of steamed white rice cooked in a tasty spicy peanut sauce. It’s best if you replace the oyster sauce with a milder spicy oil such as soybean oil. There are so many delicious Asian foods that you don’t need to be limited to these two general tso’s and other famous ones like Baba Ganouj, Chinese noodles, Japanese sushi rolls, and South Indian curries and saas.

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