Let’s Eat: A Guide to 8 of The Most Popular Foods of Asia

Let's Eat: A Guide to 8 of The Most Popular Foods of Asia

Asia is the biggest continent, so it naturally follows that it is also one of the most diverse regions in the world. It has different cultures, food, and influences. And if you are a foodie who’s interested in the most popular foods of Asia, you will love this list.

1. Satay

This is considered as the King of Asian foods by many foodies. Although countries may vary the way they spell this dish – satay, sati, sate, or satey – the essential ingredients are all the same. These include meat on a stick roasted over an open fire. You can find in Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Papua.

Let's Eat: A Guide to 8 of The Most Popular Foods of Asia
Let’s Eat: A Guide to 8 of The Most Popular Foods of Asia

Muslim countries limit their satay ingredients to beef or chicken, but the others have more varied ingredients. Take Thailand, for instance. They use organs for their satay, usually stomach, heart, or liver of chicken or pigs. They also don’t have any qualms using frogs or bugs and putting them on sticks for their satay, too, along with countries like Laos and Cambodia.

Satay is best paired with peanut sauce and lontong or sticky rice. Others prepare side dishes of cucumber, chopped onions, and other vegetables.

Seafood satay is also available. It uses calamari, fish, prawns, and other creatures that are placed on sticks then cooked over charcoal. Not only are these perfect dishes, but they are also great snacks as well.

2. Chicken Curry

Asian menus are not complete without chicken curry in it. It is bound to be naturally popular in Asia because it uses the same spices that Portuguese sailor Magellan went looking for in the islands between the Philippines, Borneo Malaysia, and Indonesia.

This dish mainly uses curry powder. Thailand, for instance, prepares the heavy masaman curry that uses heavy masala curries. The Indians use them as well. Then, saffron, ginger, and coconut get added to the pot. Malaysians can’t seem to make up their minds about how much sauce chicken curry should have, while Indonesians love watery, thinner sauce in their curry.

3. Tom Yum

While it was invented in Thailand, tom yum is now racking up popularity points in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. This is best served as an appetizer that can be consumed with or without rice. Tom yums are known for their spicy-sour taste and lots of tamarinds and lemongrass. To make your tom yum more interesting, add seafood to it, such as fish, squid or prawns.

4. Dim Sum

You can find Chinese dishes in most countries in Asia. If you want popular foods of Asia explained, especially about these Chinese dishes’ popularity, that’s because there have been lots of Chinese migrants and travelers since ancient times who decided to settle in many Asian countries. They fused the dishes they grew up with local dishes, among which is Dim Sum. It is popular in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, and Singapore. It is composed of food cooked in small steamer baskets and served in small portions. Most dim sum dishes include paus, rolls, dumplings, sweet desserts, meatballs, tarts, cakes, and puddings.

5. Spring Rolls

While Chinese spring rolls are quite popular, some would tell you that they like Vietnamese spring rolls better. Spring rolls are among the popular foods of Asia, particularly in countries like China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They are fried rolled foods filled with cooked or raw meat and vegetables. Veggie fillings might be raw, blanched or boiled, depending on the Asian country you are in. The most commonly used ingredients, however, are minced pork, bean sprouts, carrots, vermicelli noodles, shiitake mushrooms, and garlic chives. Other ingredients may include fish sauce, peanut powder, and soy sauce.

6. Fish Balls

These are made of pressed fish meat often cooked as ingredients for soup or stuck on sticks and sold on the streets in various Asian countries. They are often fired, cooked or steamed and are among the most popular foods in Asia because they are cheap and can serve as small snacks in between meals.

7. Laksa

Singaporeans developed this spicy noodle soup, although Malay and Chinese culture likely influenced it. Not only is Laska one of the popular foods of Asia; its popularity has also reached Australia and other countries. It is a mix of flavor from coconut, citrus or lemongrass, egg, noodles, and tofu. Some prepare Laksa as a watery soup, while others love it thick and with as minimal liquid as possible.

The most common Laksa ingredients include thick noodles, tofu, coconut-based curry sauce, bean sprouts, and shrimp. Instead of seafood, others use hard-boiled eggs or chicken.

Let's Eat: A Guide to 8 of The Most Popular Foods of Asia
Let’s Eat: A Guide to 8 of The Most Popular Foods of Asia

8. Sushi

Sushi may be considered as a high-end delicacy, more sushi franchises are opening up across Asia to introduce it to the masses. It is composed not only of raw sushi but also of Wasabi and sweet, pickled ginger.

The next time you visit an Asian country or a restaurant with Asian dishes, try looking for these foods. Make sure to enjoy them and feel the centuries of history and influence that came together to produce these foods.

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