Indian Cuisine: Who Wouldn’t Love To Know These Facts? -

Indian Cuisine: Who Wouldn’t Love To Know These Facts?

Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine is a very broad category, but it, basically, consists of several different types of recipes. These recipes are traditionally very common in Indian households. These include Indian, Chinese, and Bangladeshi cuisines.

Indian cuisine generally includes a wide range of local and regional traditional cuisines. Given that, there are different ethnic groups, climates, religions, cultures, and professions, these different cuisines differ substantially and often use various locally available ingredients, herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables. They usually take many progressive forms, ranging from simple family meals to elaborate on special events.

Most common among all the ethnicities of India is the famous Indian cuisine. It consists of a huge variety of popular family meals that mainly belong to North Indian and South Indian cuisines. Most of these meals are thousands of years old and very familiar to families in India. However, some of them are apt for modern-day usage. Some of them are very close to the original and other modified versions.

North Indian cuisines are widely popular among Indians as well as other people across the world. It is one of the popular cuisines of India. It is one of the most famous foods in the country because of its exotic taste.

Do You Love Indian Cuisine?
Do You Love Indian Cuisine?

Indian Cuisine – What Else Should You Know?

In Northern Indian Cuisine, all the dishes are very unique and exotic. They have not been changed much over the centuries. The main ingredients and cooking techniques are also very simple. So, the dishes contain local ingredients, which are pure.

South Indian Cuisine is very famous among many people all around the world because of its famous rice-based delicacies. Rice-based dishes are considered as one of the best of all the cuisines. They contain spices and fresh vegetables. South Indian cuisines can fall under the following categories:

Punjabi Curry – This is a famous dish in Rajasthan. This dish contains rice and meat.

Chutney This is another important dish in Rajasthan. It contains chicken and is an integral part of Bhajeet. It also contains rice and some popular Indian spices.

Khichdi – This is a very famous dish in Tamil Nadu (South India) and also used for making a sweet curry. It contains sweet curries and the ingredients include coriander seeds, red chilli powder and white peppercorn powder. There are many other such famous dishes in Tamil. They are parts of South Indian cuisines.

Indian Cuisine Recipes
Indian Cuisine Recipes

What’s More In The List?

Marinated Meenaksara – This is another form of South Indian cuisine. This contains spices like coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cinnamon powder, cardamom powder and black pepper powder. This dish contains rice.

Kashmiri – This is a cuisine which has rice as the main ingredient. Kashmiri is popular in various parts of the country. It is the most important part of Indian cuisine.

Bakri – This is another type of preparation which include different ingredients like vegetables, spices, eggs and different sauces.

Some of the popular dishes contain onions, garlic and other spices. However, there are also other dishes that don’t contain any of the spices. There is a large range of foods available which can be used for making a delicious and exotic Indian cuisine. These are very easy to prepare and can be prepared using local ingredients.

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