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Quick Delicious Chinese Food Recipes

How You Can Prepare Delicious Chinese Food At Your Home

Chinese food is tempting to the tastebuds and simple to prepare too. The soy sauce is the main ingredient in most of them. Today, we will look at an exciting recipe. Though it is called Chinese wings in Swiss sauce, ther is no Swiss sauce in here.

Chinese wings are something that everybody loves. Similar to the chicken wings that are made in America, nobody can say no to the chicken wings. It all comes down to the kind of sauce you are using in the end.

Preparation Of The Chinese Wings

Chinese cooking involves a certain amount of ingredients required. It can surprise many, but the flavors and taste is something to be proud. For this dish, you will need some chicken wings, spring onion, sliced ginger, and light and dark soya sauce.

Apart from that, you need some sesame oil, Shaoxing wine, sugar, and some water. You need to unfreeze the chicken wings. Then rinse it with some running water. Now, you have to blanch the chicken wing pieces.

You can blanch the chicken wings in water for a few minutes. Take some oil in a wok and add some ginger pieces. Add some spring onion to it and saute for a few minutes. You can now add the sauces and then the sugar.

Cook everything until they form a thick coating. You can now add the chicken wings. Reduce the flame to medium and boil for a few minutes. Now, you will have to coat it with the sauce and leave it for few minutes.

The longer you leave it, the better it will be for the chicken wings. The above ingredients can be found in the local store. You do not have to search far and high for them. The best part about Chinese food is that they are the same for close to a thousand years or more.

How You Can Prepare Delicious Chinese Food At Your Home
How You Can Prepare Delicious Chinese Food At Your Home

What To Know About Chinese Foods

Research has shown that people, including professional chefs, have failed to replicate the recipes. That itself shows our ancestors knew what they were doing. The usage of the right amount of the ingredients and tools were crucial for the outcome of the recipes.

Not to mention, they did not have proper preservation methods. Hence, what prepared on the day, had to be completed by night. Another critical aspect of Chinese food is the usage of the right kind of tools for making food. In China, you can find the wok and a large wooden spoon a common sight.

Without these two tools, Chinese cuisine is incomplete. The wok is a deep pan that helps in cooking Chinese cuisine. You can make anything you want. For example, you can make scrambled eggs, chicken, fish, and so on.

How You Can Prepare Delicious Chinese Food At Your Home
How You Can Prepare Delicious Chinese Food At Your Home

Thanks to its deep shape, it retains the heat evenly, and food can cook faster. You can find this pan used in many Chinese restaurants. The wooden spoon helps in scraping the food from the wok.

If you use a steel spoon, then the chances are that it can cause damage to the wok. However, with the wooden spoon, it will not happen. Hope you enjoyed reading all about the Chinese wings in sauce and will prepare them sometime this week in your house.

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