How to Learn About Asian Fusion Cuisine

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Asian fusion has become increasingly popular over the years. What was historically a very conservative cuisine is now the fastest growing American cuisine. In fact, it has become so popular that there is a line for sushi right outside of the sushi bar in most of the cities throughout the United States. What is so appealing about fusion? It is because it combines the sweet and sour flavors from various different countries, usually originating in China, Japan, Korea, and other Asian nations. If you are not familiar with this type of cuisine, it can be quite bland at times, but once you discover it, you will never go back.

Some of the typical ingredients found in a typical Japanese dish include rice, vinegar, and meat. An example of this type of fusion would be a Sushi roll which uses cucumber, wasabi, nori, and pickled ginger. In Korea, the most common fusion choice includes mandarin oranges and kalbi ( Korean-style spicy fish). In China, most common fusion choices include egg noodles, carrot, and bubble soup.

An Overview

While the prevalence of fusion foods is increasing, more Americans are still unfamiliar with this particular cuisine. What is difficult about this type of food is that in the U.S., we are often served the same dishes over. It takes some getting used to. That is why, when you are dining out in a new restaurant, it is important to sample some of the other types of fusion dishes that the establishment serves.

Just because you do not know what the dish is called in English does not mean you cannot try it. Most establishments will quickly become accustomed to inquiries such as “How was that delicious?” or “Where did you get that?” Because of the popularity of fusion food, nearly every well-known dining establishment will have a web site these days, which means that individuals can simply go online and view the menu, as well as reviews, of the locations themselves.

Asian Fusion Cuisine

When preparing the food at home, it is important to use fresh ingredients. Unlike many American dishes, fusion food tends to be very spicy, especially if you use cayenne pepper. You may want to avoid foods such as this if you are prone to heat-induced attacks. Avoiding hot foods altogether is an option.

When preparing fusion foods at home, it is imperative to use fresh ingredients as much as possible. If you are looking for ways to make fusion cuisine at home, one great way to get started is by buying a pressure cooker. These appliances help cook meat, vegetables, and even fruits and grains to perfection, all within a short period of time. Pressure cooking is especially helpful for foods that may be difficult to cook on your own, such as black beans. Just add water, set the timer, and you are all set!

Another excellent way to get introduced to fusion cuisine is to watch a cooking demonstration. Many Mexican television channels have a cooking segment featuring experts from different regions of Mexico. If you live in the Washington DC or Baltimore area, there are many TV channels available that feature local chefs. If you don’t live near any of these areas, the Internet offers a plethora of information about the best chefs in the region as well.

Bottom Line

There are literally thousands of recipe sources available on the Internet, ranging from simple stir fries to more complex dishes. A great resource to start with is a local Asian fusion cookbook. Although a cookbook won’t teach you everything there is to know about preparing fusion dishes, it will allow you to begin experimenting with new recipes. And as you get better at creating original dishes, you’ll be able to build your repertoire of favorites.

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