Etihad Asian Vegetarian Meal You Should Know About

etihad asian vegetarian meal

Planning a journey to another country is a fantasy, but it is still complicated for anyone. If you have a restrictive diet, you don’t even speak! Depending on the country you live in, it could be more challenging (or easier) to find nutritious foods to consume. You can’t fail to find some food on the airplane too! Want to figure out how to dress for an international flight and have the freedom to order vegetarian food without stress? Just read on.

What Types Of Special Meals Can You Receive While Traveling By Plane?

There are numerous forms of diets with unique nutritional requirements, and each airline provides a different mix of each. Here we mention the commonly consumed vegetarian and vegan meals in Etihad flights.

Fresh Food

A plate of food on a table

With each flight, Etihad delivers a broad range of complimentary food and beverages. If the getaway is quick, they can ensure you have food to relax and rest when flying. And according to the stringent safety standards, all catering services undertake extensive sanitation training before cooking meals. As a result, the food and beverage operation has been more simplified, following stringent COVID-19 standards.

Asian Vegetarian Meal

The diet includes all the different fruits, herbs, and dairy items. It does not include any foods like fish or eggs. It has a flavor and a feel that carries India’s experience to the Western hemisphere (mildly spicy to spicy). This holy meal is often called a Hindu meal.

Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal

It includes dairy products. The food is vegan and additive-free and does not have any beef or meat ingredients, seafood, poultry, or products containing lard or gelatine. It is ideal for visitors who do not consume the flesh of any sort but may consume milk and cheese items.

Vegetarian Oriental Meal

It’s loaded with fruits and vegetables. This diet does not include beef, seafood, or other refined foods and is an original Chinese theme.

Vegetarian Jain meal

The meal includes only root vegetables. This food does not have any vegetables like onions, ginger, garlic, potatoes, carrots, or animal or animal byproducts. It is cooked in Asian style. It is appropriate for a portion of the Indian population who are strict vegetarians.

Bland Meal

This diet mainly comprises soft foods that are quick to absorb —- mashed potatoes, lettuce, soft poached eggs, grilled meats, toast, and dairy. It does not include spices, onion, or garlic and grilled, fried or cooked, or spicy items.

Diabetic Meal

the diet includes low salt, low-fat mayonnaise, high fiber blueberries, and the like. Act to reduce starch, tobacco, or some other sweetener (only certain permitted sugar substitutes). Useful in helping those who have diabetes (low insulin levels)

The Last One: Gluten-Free Meal

It comprises a range of foods, including fruits and vegetables, rice, potatoes, dairy goods, cocoa, dried beans, and peas. The combination contains salt and pepper, herbs and spices, carbohydrates, preserves and margarine, tapioca, and vegetable oils. It is ideal for those who need to keep their gluten supply present in wheat, barley, rye, and oats.

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