Eight Dishes From Southeast Asia That Americans Need To Try

Do you know what’s much more affordable than airfare to Southeast Asia? Cooking a portion of the area’s mind-blowing dishes at home. The dishes of Southeast Asia are probably the most unmistakable and delightful dishes on the planet, and you can make them yourself in your kitchen. Add some new options to your spice rack, load up on coconut milk, figure out how to make sticky rice, and you’re most of the way there.

Here are 11 native dishes from Southeast Asia that we should all eat all the more frequently.

Dishes From Southeast Asia

Eight Dishes From Southeast Asia That Americans Need To Try
Eight Dishes From Southeast Asia That Americans Need To Try

Nasi Goreng – We’ll begin basic. Nasi Goreng is Indonesia’s delicious adaptation of fried rice. It’s tough to mess up fried rice. However, in case you’re unfamiliar with the dish, start with rice, eggs, crisp veggies, and an assortment of sauces and seasonings such as sweet soy sauce, shallots and garlic.

Fish Sinigang – Sinigang is a Filipino soup made with any number of proteins and vegetables, usually stewed with tamarind, tomatoes, garlic and onions. The tart flavor from the fresh tamarind base makes this a Filipino top choice.

Bean stew Crab – This creamy dish is made of crab cooked in a tomato and bean stew-based sauce. It is one of Singapore’s national dishes and can be found in virtually any fish café on the island as well as in different pieces of Southeast Asia. In case you’re a fish lover, this dish is for you.

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Vietnamese Coffee – Vietnamese espresso is the ideal drink for a synchronous caffeine and sugar surge. Made with robust espresso and a liberal dose of enriched condensed milk, this ground-breaking drink puts your usual latte to shame.

Eight Dishes From Southeast Asia That Americans Need To Try
Eight Dishes From Southeast Asia That Americans Need To Try

Tea Leaf Salad – In Burma, tea is as nourishment as well as a refreshment. The highlight of this famous Burmese tea leaf is a concoction of mixed greens called lappet or salted tea along with cabbage, peanuts, seeds, tomatoes, and fried garlic for a scrumptious and delightful salad. Purchase your very own lappet here.


Nasi Lemak – This mainstream dish has been a mainstay for breakfast in Malaysia. Rice is cokked in coconut milk and pandan leaves that infuse fragrance. This is topped with sambal, a delightful stew sauce, and presented with anchovies and crisp cucumber slices.

Green Papaya Salad – This refreshing serving of mixed greens made with pounded green papaya can be found all through Southeast Asia. It is often prepared with dried shrimps, stew peppers and lime that, when blended, give the plate of mixed greens an interestingly tart, subliminally zesty flavor.

Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango -Sticky rice is a staple in Southeast Asia in any event that makes it an ideal opportunity for serving dessert. This sweet dish blends coconut milk-soaked sticky rice with fresh mango. Straightforward, yet so exceptionally flavorful.

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