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Easy Vegetarian Recipes From Asia

easy vegetarian asian dumpling recipe

Easy Vegetarian Asian Dumpling Recipe is one of the most delicious foods I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. In fact, it has become such a favorite that I often serve them for company. It doesn’t take much to make these delectable little food items. All you really need are some vegetable ingredients, some seafood and meat. Throw all of that together in a pan and voila – you have an amazing new dish.

I was very excited when I first got home from the supermarket. I knew that I could make these kinds of dishes because I’ve already enjoyed them before. I took a few minutes to go over the ingredients to make sure I had all of the basic cooking ingredients. Once I had those all in place, I set about creating the meat mixture. It took me about ten minutes to prepare the meat mixture.

Chicken As The Main Ingredient

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Most dishes I’ve made use ground beef or chicken as the main ingredient. Since I don’t enjoy cooking beef long term, I decided to use vegetarian meats. A lot of people have a hard time doing this, simply because they use meat that is too tough to eat. If you’re used to cooking tough meat, it can be difficult to do vegetarian dishes on a daily basis.

When you cook vegetables, you can marinate them with spices to help soften them. I used soy sauce and Chinese cooking oil. You can also use sesame oil, black pepper, garlic, ginger, and other seasonings. I let the marinade soak for about five minutes before I placed the meat into the marinade. This gave the meat enough time to get tender.

Getting Meat And Veggies

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When it came to assembling the dishes, I followed the same process I did with the beef. Start by getting all of the meat and veggies together. Then, spoon some marinade over all of the pieces. I cooked the dishes in my steamer, at about four degrees, just until the pieces were almost done.

After removing the steamer from the pot, I set it aside. Now it’s time to cut up your vegetables. I went through quite a few packages before I got them to go in one piece. I cut up carrots, cauliflower, spinach, and small corn stalks. I placed these in a large mixing bowl and mixed them up real good.

Time To Cook

It took me about thirty minutes to make all of the meat and vegetable dishes. When it was all finished, I cooked the dishes on the stove. It was a little bit of a hassle, but well worth the effort. The meat was tender and delicious.

It doesn’t take long to make these easy vegetarian recipes that are both tasty and healthy. You will love how much flavor you can add to meat and noodle dishes by making these. Try to cook this meat and vegetable dish the next time you are in a hurry or on vacation and don’t have time to cook. You won’t regret it.

The easiest of the easy vegetarian recipes is the beef tendon recipe. You just need to use meat such as lean ground beef. It can be seasoned with Chinese garlic and cooked in vegetable broth for a flavorful and healthy meal. This dish can be served as a starter dish, main course, or as a healthy snack.

Easy To Prepare

Another dish that is really easy to prepare and isn’t that hard to make is the beef and broccoli. I used frozen broccoli stems that were left over from my last dinner. I tossed them in a blender along with some beef that I had already prepared. I blended until the meat was tender, then added some soy sauce and sesame oil to give it a tasty balsamic flavor.

There are many other vegetarian options for you to use when cooking your meat and noodle dishes. You can also use vegetable stock as a base. It makes for a very delicious base for sauces and soups. You can also use it in your vacuum sealer to thaw meats in and store them for a long period of time.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few easy vegetarian recipes from Asia that you can try. Don’t forget to add soy sauce for that additional tang. Use steamed white rice instead of your traditional brown rice. Try steamed vegetables instead of your usual yellow ones. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy!

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