Dim Sum – All Information The Asian Meal

Dim Sum is an incredible food item that is served in Asian and Chinese cuisines. This is probably one of the oldest cooking forms known to man. Here are some things you should know about Dim Sums.

Dim Sum - All Information The Asian Meal
Dim Sum – All Information The Asian Meal

The Origin Of Dim Sum

The origin of the Dim Sum is unknown. It is also said that this food was first brought by Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek to the Manchurian, a nation in China, in the mid-19th century. In fact, this restaurant began as a bar called “The Don” where businessmen could get a drink after their workday.

Traditional Dim Sums use rice, duck, or chicken, but the Chinese have a collection of meats and seafood from which they can make dishes. Fresh produce, which has a low cost, is always available as well as many condiments.

Most people know that the most traditional Sum is made in China, but there are also a few places in Hong Kong and Taiwan that offer this type of restaurant. People often travel to these areas to enjoy some of the amazing delicacies they offer. This dish is not very popular in the United States, but it does have a fairly large following in places like France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

People love to eat Dim Sum because it is cheap and very filling. Many people cannot afford to eat well, but they do not like to skip meals in order to make ends meet. That is where Dim Sum comes in handy; it is a meal that will fill a stomach and keep it filled.

A lot of people in the East prefer to go to a Dim Sum because it can be expensive. Food is expensive in China, and some of the ingredients that are used in cooking are not as common. Also, large quantities of ingredients often come out to be much more expensive.

Types Of Dim Sum

There are different types of Dim Sum. The most common is the hot version, and it is a plate filled with chicken or pork, usually seasoned with soy sauce and dry sherry. It comes with the basic five-tiered steamed dumpling, a small dish that is filled with soup and is steamed. The less expensive versions are fried, which means that they come with several crispy outer layers that give them a very appealing look.

Another popular variation on the Hot Dim Sum is the Shumai, which translates to “little monkey” in Chinese. The Shumai is filled with dried shrimp, beef, chicken, or vegetables, depending on what is available at the time. Some restaurants fill their Shumai with octopus, squid, scallops, and even squid ink.

The milder dish is called the Hot and Sour, and it is made with vegetable and noodle dishes. This includes braised beef and squid as well as the spicy barbecue Pork Noodle. Fried shrimp, crab, and other vegetables are the topping, along with a cup of sweet and sour sauce.

A spicy version of the Dim Sum is called the Mustard Golden Milk. It is mostly soy sauce and vinegar and is filled with shrimps, squid, oysters, meatballs, and other vegetables. This dish is also delicious, and the chili oil, which adds heat, is a key part of the recipe.

Restaurants That Offer This Food

In addition to the different varieties of it, there are also a few famous restaurants that offer this food. Many people call that top-notch dim sum. Such restaurants include the Palace Restaurant, the Pacific Oriental Hotel, and the Tung Lok Cafe.

Dim Sum - All Information The Asian Meal
Dim Sum – All Information The Asian Meal

Even though there are so many great Dim Sum restaurants, one cannot be compared to another. What a Dim Sum restaurant offers to you will depend on what type of dishes it is going to prepare.

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