Choose The Right Indian Food For Your Restaurant

It is a very interesting fact that people will try and locate their favorite Indian food when in a restaurant because they know their favorite style of food, their favorite cuisines. So having an Asian menu for your restaurant allows you to have the most unique and creative cuisine for your customers.

Choose The Right Indian Food For Your Restaurant
Choose The Right Indian Food For Your Restaurant

You must always remember that it takes about 3 days to get the freshest and most unique cuisines. If you were to bring these delicious dishes from the grocery store. You would not be able to serve them in your restaurant because they would be a way to “crispy”.

Asian Menu

But if you have an Asian menu for your Indian restaurant then you can bring this delicious food all over the world! The first step you need to take when you are planning an Asian menu for your Indian restaurant is to prepare all the spices necessary for preparing the cuisine in your restaurant. The spices can be prepared at home, but most restaurants do not want to bother themselves in preparing the spices.

Now, how can you prepare the spices for the Indian restaurant? If you have a spice grinder that can make sure that every spice has the right consistency you can use it for your Indian restaurant. You can use the grinder in your kitchen or you can even purchase the spice grinder online.

Different Spices Used For Indian Dishes

There are different spices used for Indian dishes and you can decide to use two to three different spices. For example, use cumin seeds for the fish curry you plan to serve for your dinner. We can add more or fewer cumin seeds depending on the taste you want to create.

You can even include spice for the taste of the region you are serving the Indian meal for. You can add coriander powder for the flavor of Kashmir. Cardamom powder for the flavor of Punjab, and garam masala for the flavor of Goa. The best thing about having an Indian menu for your restaurant is that you can add a special twist to the dish by adding any additional ingredients or condiments. Such as lemon juice, ginger, and green chilies.

You can make your own garlic paste by rubbing the paste in butter and then putting it in the food. You can also add to the flavor by adding some lemon juice and salt to the paste.

The rice is the most important ingredient in any Indian meal and you can use a certain quantity of it. If you would like to serve chicken in your Indian meal. You can use a certain quantity of chicken and leave out the rice because there are many varieties of chicken available in the market.

Some of the best spices for your Indian food can be used to cook your main dish that would be served in your restaurant. These are garlic, ginger, turmeric, mustard oil, and cardamom seeds.

Ways To Enjoy Your Dishes

A great way to enjoy your dishes is to make sure that you have dried red chili and chilies at your fingertips. If you have a hot plate then you can start cooking and add some other spices for the hotness of the dishes.

A famous restaurant chain in Toronto called Restaurant On The Go. Serves up one of the best vegetarian dishes in North America, and it is called Chicken Tikka. Their chicken dish is not only full of vegetables and spices. But it is cooked in a wonderful aromatic gravy that is always served with the dish.

Choose The Right Indian Food For Your Restaurant
Choose The Right Indian Food For Your Restaurant

Whether you want to serve a unique and tasty Indian cuisine to your customers or want to prepare a special dish that you have been dreaming of for a long time. You need to have a special menu for your restaurant. With the various options available today, it will be a great decision if you chose to choose an Asian menu for your restaurant.

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