Chinese Green Bean Recipe

Chinese green bean recipe is a healthy and quick way to prepare a delicious dish. This dish was originally a Chinese version of the country cookery dish called dumplings. We call it Chinese green bean recipe to give it a name that is distinct from other versions of dumplings.

Dumplings are usually made of fresh vegetables and eggs. The egg in this recipe is substituted with a paste made of flour, minced pork and meat broth. The flavor is basically cooked for a long time, until the dough becomes soft and more absorbent. It’s then cooked in a pan and finally served.

How To Prepare Chinese Green Bean

It’s basically a mixture of flour, water, salt and ground pepper. In this recipe the flour is replaced by rice flour and meat broth is replaced by chicken or beef broth. It is much easier to use whole wheat flour than rice flour. If you want to keep it healthy and wholesome this recipe can be made without any additions.

The ingredients can also be fresh vegetable, meat or even fish. The ingredients should be boiled until the mixture becomes tender and the meat or fish taken care of.

However, Chinese green bean recipe can be made with different vegetables or even with eggs. The combination of ingredients must be made keeping in mind the texture of the mixture, taste and the storage quality.

A combination of fresh vegetables is generally used to make this recipe. It depends on personal preference but some people prefer vegetables which are ready-to-eat and those which must be pureed.

Cucumber Mixed With Potato

Corn, carrots, and cucumber can be used to make the soup or the mixture. Cucumber can be mixed with cooked potato and corn. Corn, carrot and cucumber can be replaced with fresh vegetables.

The green bean recipe can be prepared using eggs and meat. Chopped up egg and meat should be mixed with a couple of teaspoons of oil or chicken stock and cooked with a bit of oil or chicken stock.

Sometimes fresh vegetables are not enough. We can replace a couple of chopped vegetables with cooked potato and corn. A couple of mashed potatoes and corn should be mixed with a few dried beans or minced pork.

Corn Flour

Shortening or corn flour can be used in this recipe. Also, shortening is usually taken care of with the use of shortening. Shortening and corn flour can be mixed with chopped onions and garlic.

Aside from the meal preparation which can be carried out as a great healthy cooking idea, the preparation of the soup is easy to do. The soup is quickly boiled and it has a consistency that is similar to a soup with some added elements.

Chinese green bean recipe can be a delicious dish which can be served with the simple accompaniments of crusty bread, salted and chopped onions and garlic, with a couple of fresh tomatoes and a bowl of fresh vegetable soup. It’s a healthy and quick way to prepare this type of food which can be shared with friends and family.

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