Best Thai food: Top 12 Dishes Of Thailand

Thailand is renowned for its abundant nature with beaches and forests, urban culture, and, most importantly, the best Thai food. Thailand welcomes visitors regardless of what they’re looking for. For fodies, Thailand is a place to try various new cuisines and dishes.

If you’re talking about Thailand, Thailand’s mouth-watering food is what you’re looking for in Thailand. There is no doubt about how delicious Thai food could be. Best Thai food is full of local ingredients that will go straight to your heart. To make your mouth watering, here are 12 must-try best Thai food.

Best Thai food: Top 12 Dishes Of Thailand
12 dishes to try in Thailand

12 Best Thai Food

Tom Yum Goong – Best Thai Food

This classic steaming bowl of this delicious food comes with a spicy punch that is quite powerful. Tom yum Goong is made from specific Thai ingredients like lemongrass and fresh lime juice. A lot of fish sauce is also added to make it tastier. You can make the creamy version, fresh prawns and mushrooms are added as well as coconut cream.

Laap – Best Thai Food

Laap seems to have its beginnings in northeastern Thailand and is a rustic dish that you should never skip during your stay in Thailand. It is made mainly from fish sauce, lemon juice, herbs, and roast rice powder seasoned meat. Pair it with steamed rice if you want to enjoy this delicious dish. To add more fun, eat with hands.

Khao soi – Best Thai Food

Khao soi is another well-known traditional dish. This is basically a noodle dish that comes from the northern parts of Thailand. This dish is primarily a soup with rich ingredients. It has mainly curry and coconut milk, which gives a creamy texture to this dish. It is best served with beef and chicken.

Gaeng Keow Wan Gai – Best Thai Food

This is another delicious Thai dish. Actually, it is a green curry with some chicken in it. If you want to know more about the origin of Thai foods, than you should try this dish. It should be served with a plate of rice.

Som tam

Som tam is a another delicious northeastern Thai dish. Its name is included in Thailand’s most popular dishes list. It is made mainly using green papaya and carrots. Tomatoes, Peanuts, dried shrimps, runner beans, garlic, and lots of chilies also added to make is delicious.

Best Thai food: Top 12 Dishes Of Thailand
Best Thai Food

Khao pad

Khao pad is perhaps equivalent to the love of sandwiches in England. If the word Khao pad is translated, then meaning comes “fried rice.” It comes with some potato and onion. Usually, the dish is served with cucumber slices, and other ingredients are also added to increase its taste.

Pad Krapao

Pad krapao is usually made with chopped pork. It is fried with Thai basil. Pad krapao is certainly not a dish for you if you can’t eat spicy food. This dish is served with white rice that makes it more sensation throughout the rest of the meal.

Pak Boong

Pak boong is another tasty but healthy dish of. It is also said as morning Glory and considered incredibly healthy. This dish is often made with oyster sauce, and it is easy to prepare the vegetarian option.

Yam Pla Dook Foo

The best words to describe this dish could be’ Fluffy’ and’ crispy.’ Catfish is fried in small pieces, which make it a fluffy salad of fish. Furthermore, this dish is made by the addition of sweet, sour, and spicy green mango salad. This dish is best enjoyed as an appetizer.


It is a popular dish among tourists as it is less spicy than other curries of Thailand. Usually, this delicious dish is served with meat. However, for vegetarian people, its vegetarian version is also available.

Gai tod

In Thailand, this dish is prevalent. This dish is mainly cooked in a mixture of spices. It consists of rice flour by marinating chicken wings. It is even more tastier when eaten with sticky rice.

Kai jeow

It is one of Thai’s simplest dishes. This dish is delicious and healthy as it is rich in protein. Furthermore, it is commonly served on rice. It is eaten with sweet chili sauce to add more fun. Kai jeow could be eaten breakfast.

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