Best Asian Veggie Burger Recipe: 2 Tasty Asian Delight - Best Asian Veggie Burger Recipe: 2 Tasty Asian Delight -

Best Asian Veggie Burger Recipe: 2 Tasty Asian Delight

Best Asian Veggie Burger Recipe

Asian cuisine has mysteriously rich flavors in their culinary basket. So, even when it comes to the best Asian veggie burger recipe, there are actually more than just one. Vegetables with right amounts of spice and balance can actually wonder in the veggies. You have to try the veggie burgers yourself to believe it. Once you try out these tasty burgers for yourself, you will not feel like missing your meat burgers. So, let’s make some delicious best Asian veggie burger recipe and enjoy:

Best Asian Veggie Burger Recipe: Burger With Sriracha Slaw

The Asian-inspired flavors in the burgers can be total showstoppers. And when you skip the meat with some delicious vegetables, they still taste mouthwatering. So, the key element of making this vegetable burger is combining various flavors in one place. Therefore, when you would give a sumptuous amount of bite, the flavors will make your heart beat faster. So, why not make the special veggie burger with sriracha slaw:

Best Asian Veggie Burger Recipe For Weekend
Best Asian Veggie Burger Recipe: 2 Tasty Asian Delight

Ingredients For Burger:

Garlic clove (1),

Green onions (2)

Cashews (1½ cups)

Chopped ginger (1 inch),

Eggs (2),

Chili garlic sauce (1 tbsp),

Soy sauce (1 tbsp),

Cooked brown rice (2 cups),

Finely chopped shiitake mushrooms (4 ounces),

Shredded carrots (1 cup),

Shredded zucchini

Oil divided (1/4 cup)

Ingredients For Slaw:

Sesame oil (1/2 tsp),

Rice vinegar (1tsp),

Soy sauce (1tbsp),

Peanut butter (1/2 tbsp),

Sriracha (1½ tbsp),

Honey (1/2 tbsp),

Shredded carrots (1/2 cup),

Shredded red cabbage (1 head)

Chopped green onions (2)

Best Asian Veggie Burger Recipe 1: Instructions

  1. So, first, we have to make the burger. Before you start with the ingredients, preheat your oven at 350°. After that, pulse the cashews in the food processor to have coarse crumbs. In the crumbs, add ginger, green onions, garlic, chili garlic sauce, eggs, rice, and soy sauce. Again pulse until it resembles a chunky paste. Then you have to transfer the mixture into a bowl.
  • Then pat the zucchini, shredded carrots with a paper towel, and absorb the excess moisture. Add in the mushrooms, zucchini, and carrots into the chunky paste. With the ingredients, you can make six patties.
  • You can heat 2 tbsp oil in a large skillet over the medium heat. Then cook the burgers for about five minutes per side or until it is deep golden brown. You can do this in two batches. After the burgers are ready, transfer them on a lined baking sheet. Then it is the time to pop them in for 15-20 minutes.
  • For making the slaw, you have to add rice vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, Sriracha, peanut butter, and honey together in a bowl. Then whisk until it becomes smooth. Now add all the slaw ingredients and toss to combine.
  • Now taking one bun, place one lettuce leaf, over which place a burger. Then add the slaw before closing it with another bun.

Veggie Burgers With Mango Cabbage Slaw

This veggie burger is rich in flavor and plant protein. And it is perfect for grilling on the weekend, topped with Mango Cabbage slaw along with spicy Sriracha sauce. You will feel you have eaten something heavenly after eating this Asian veggie burger.

Try out the Best Asian Veggie Burger Recipe
Best Asian Veggie Burger Recipe: 2 Tasty Asian Delight


Boxed, Teriyaki veggie burgers (2 boxes), Shredded red cabbage (1½ cups), diced mango (3/4 cup), finely minced cilantro (1/2 cup), fresh lime juice (1tbsp), apple cider vinegar (1tsp), salt (1/4 tsp), tahini (2 tbsp), Sriracha sauce (2-4 tsp), soy sauce (1/2 tsp), ground ginger (1/8 tsp), whole-grain buns (4)

Best Asian Veggie Burger Recipe 2: Instructions

  • According to the package description, you have to prepare the veggie burgers.
  • In a big bowl, first add vinegar, maple syrup, and salt. After stirring the mixture, add lime juice, cilantro, cabbage, and mango in it. It will take 5 minutes to absorb the flavors.
  • Now in a small bowl, you have to add Sriracha, tahini, ginger, and soy sauce with 2tbsp water. Until a smooth mixture appears, keep stirring.

As all the elements of the burger are ready, place a teriyaki veggie burger over a bun. Over the burger, add mango cabbage slaw and then drizzle some more Sriracha sauce.

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