Best Asian Foods in Scottsdale -

Best Asian Foods in Scottsdale

best asian food in scottsdale

When it comes to Asian food, you will want to discover the best Asian food in Scottsdale. That means a large number of restaurants, plus some fine Chinese and Sushi restaurants. Of course, you can also find food from other areas, including Vietnamese, Filipino, Japanese, Mexican, and Thai. You can even have Chinese food delivered to your door in Scottsdale. That would make this area a shopper’s paradise!

The first place you might want to visit is the ever-popular Hooters. This place is so popular that they do not even post prices on their web sites. So you could get your fill of inexpensive Thai food at the price of a sandwich. If you are lucky enough to find this place while on your trip, you might even get a deal.

Best Features

Of course, there are a number of very affordable places that serve good Asian food. One of these restaurants is the Evergreen Vegetarian Restaurant. This restaurant is located at Valley View Mall, and there are rarely any lines. You might even be able to eat lunch or dinner without waiting in line, and with affordable prices.

Another excellent choice is the La Habra Mexican restaurant. This restaurant is one of those that does not have a web site, but they are known around the valley for good service and delicious dishes. Of course, if you want delivery, the restaurant does offer that, too. Of course, this is a fairly casual restaurant. It looks more like a bar than a restaurant, and the customers do not linger too long. However, if you enjoy the taste of Mexican food, you will love this place.

Cost Effective

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One of the newer Asian restaurants opening in Scottsdale is Mongolia Palace. This restaurant serves up traditional Asian fare such as dim sum, stir-fried vegetable dishes, and grilled tofu. The decor is very Asian, and the food is a 6-course meal that costs $100 or more. You will need to order an appetizer, a main dish, and a side dish, but the combinations are excellent.

If you enjoy sushi, then you might want to check out Tandoori Grill. At Tandoori Grill, you get authentic Indian food. From their rice and chicken dishes to their lamb and goat skewers, the dishes are very good. Of course, you cannot order any of these items without ordering a side dish, which also comes in a large variety.

Other Restaurant

Of course, if you are looking for an all-around restaurant that serves a variety of different foods, you should check out Pho. This restaurant serves Thai food, and you will find it to be very tasty. Unlike many of the other Asian restaurants, however, you will need to order a nice amount of food to make it a reasonable price, and you will be prepared to eat the bulk.

The restaurant itself serves some fabulous food, and you can choose from many different dinner entrees. In addition, the restaurant has also started offering lunch and dinner selections, which will open your taste buds to some other wonderful flavors. Of course, you will not have to eat at the restaurant to enjoy the delicious food, since you can always take some home. The delivery of the food is also very convenient, and there is rarely any occasion where you will have to wait for delivery.


When it comes right down to it, there are dozens of great Asian restaurants in Scottsdale, and almost every one of them will give you a wonderful dining experience that you will remember for a long time to come. All you have to do is plan your visit and you will soon find yourself enjoying Asian food in Scottsdale.

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