Best Asian Food at Ann Arbor in Michigan -

Best Asian Food at Ann Arbor in Michigan

best asian food ann arbor

Asian cuisine is flavorful and delicious. If you love Asian food and are currently residing in Ann Arbor, then here is a list of the best Asian food restaurants here.

One Bowl Asian Cuisine

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If you’re someone traveling from a foreign place and are looking for some food to eat that you’re familiar with, you might consider giving One Bowl Asian Cuisine in Michigan a chance. Serving the perfect combination of Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese dishes, you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from. Whether you’re craving for spicy seafood ramen or breaded chicken dishes with tasty sauces, this restaurant promises to deliver. What sets it apart from the others is the artsy and homey vibe that makes visitors feel like they’re eating at home.

Panda Chinese & Korean Food

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Korean culture has already reached new heights and faraway countries, so it’s no wonder that Korean restaurants are in demand in different cities. One of the highly recommended dining places in Ann Harbor serving different Korean and even Chinese food is the famous Panda Chinese & Korean Food. Although the prices can be on the expensive side, most regulars have said that the taste and authentic flavors more than make up for the cost. Some of the popular dishes to try are jjajangmyeon, sweet and sour pork, and bibimbap. Eat like a Korean and pair these dishes with a bottle of soju.

Seoul Garden Restaurant

If you’re up for some samgyupsal – locally known as Korean barbecue – Seoul Garden Restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan, offers the best Korean barbecue experience. Here, there is an extensive menu of both Korean and Japanese cuisines made to delight customers who are fond of Asian food. Whether you visit for an early lunch or dinner, the restaurant will surely have something for you to enjoy. One tip when trying this restaurant out for the first time: make sure to take advantage of its full sushi bar. Also, if you don’t have much time and prefer to eat and run, sushi and sashimi lunches are a great choice.

Pacific Rim By Kana

Two words that best describe Pacific Rim: great food. When looking for somewhere to eat, one of the things to consider is the quality of food the restaurant serves. According to some customers who have already visited the place, Pacific Rim is an Asian restaurant that serves some of the best food in the city. Apart from that, the ambiance and the service are also exceptional, making this a really popular dining spot. If you’re someone who loves eating at a nice restaurant, you should experience Pacific Rim during your visit to Ann Arbor. Some of the most popular dishes to try are unagi terrine, Southeast Asian crabcakes, and Vietnamese beef lettuce wraps.

Miss Kim

Opened last 2016, Miss Kim is a Korean restaurant established by Chef Ji Hye Kim, who is an avid fan of traditional Korean cuisine. The name of the restaurant is a reference to the most prominent Korean last name, and of course, after the name of the restaurant’s female chef and owner. Serving uniquely crafted and tasty Korean dishes, you will love everything about this restaurant. From its brick-walled exterior to its intimate interiors, Miss Kim is worth the visit.

So, try any of these Asian restaurants to tease your tastebuds!

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