Best 3 Asian Meal Box Ideas For Kids In 2020 -

Best 3 Asian Meal Box Ideas For Kids In 2020

Asian Meal Box

Summer’s ending is a bittersweet moment as we have to go to work or school after the tranquil summer break. However, the thing that you have to look forward to is Asian lunch boxes. Asian meal boxes are not only confined to the famous Japanese Bento Box. There are other exciting and easy-to-make Asian meal boxes too.

If you are making lunch boxes for your kid, then it becomes more fun and a learning experience when you include them too. Making Asian neal boxes is a partnership where you can ask your children about their likings and can engage them in the decision-making process. Soon, they will be in the cooking process too. Therefore, we have enlisted the three best Asian meal box ideas for you to get started.

A Delicious Chinese Lunch

A bowl of food on a plate

If you have ever visited China, you would know that the best meals they have are leftovers.  They will make big batches of food so that there will be leftovers for the upcoming weekdays which also includes the kids. They learn to value family times. 

The Chinese Meal Boxes have a diverse one-pot meal like noodles, fried rice, dumpling soup, steamed bun, and bao. Here, we will discuss a delectable, famous dish that is Chinese noodles. It is excellent for meal boxes because you can mix and change things up as you want or according to the preference of your little one. 

You can change the meat BBQ chicken, steak to lamb, pork, or any other meat. You can play with the veggies too. You can store it in the fridge for at least five days.

A Cute Bento Box

A tray of food on a plate

If you are bored with the regular ham sandwiches, then use your cookie cutters and make something fun and interesting shape like an animal. Your regular ham sandwich will become a cute bento lunchbox. The kids will find it hard to resist. 

You can make bunnies, frogs, or a bear, or anything that your child likes. It will certainly bring a smile to their faces to see these adorable sandwiches. 

As it’s a traditional Japanese Bento box at the end of the day, you can also add some veggies and fruits. Such as Japanese cucumbers, carrots, apples, strawberries, and lettuce, etc.

Going Back To South Korean Kimchi

It is of no surprise that when we say South-Korean meal, as a side dish, there will always be Kimchi. Combining Kimchi in the main food is very healthy for the kids as it has many benefits.

There are other side dishes included too. The main part of any lunch box will be soup with rice. There will be mini pajeon that are mini pancakes made with lots of veggies and batter. The most common lunch for kids is kimchi soup or kimchi jjigae.

Of course, we have to remember about kimbap which is Korean style Sushi roll with lots of pickled and cooked ingredients. They are very simple to pack as a lunch box or for a picnic. 


There you have the top three Asian meal box ideas. You can always start with this and make your way toward other Asian meals. Just have fun along the way with your family and friends. Sharing and creating a meal with your kids is a fine journey to make wonderful memories.

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