Asian Vegetarian Meal Delta Taste You Should Try At Home This Time -

Asian Vegetarian Meal Delta Taste You Should Try At Home This Time

asian vegetarian meal delta

Delta is one of the most preferred airlines in the United States and offers a non-strict vegetarian meal for Asians. Delta offers a variety of meals to meet the special requirements of the people that they have pre-scheduled before boarding the flight. The food variety that they offer is vegetarian, diabetic meals, low-cholesterol meals, and several others. Asian vegetarian meal delta offers is a non-strict vegetarian meal that is typically prepared in Indian style with limited use of dairy products and it does not contain meat, seafood, or egg.

Some of the specifications of the meal described in detail are as follows.

Asian Vegetarian Meal Delta – Asian Preference

The variety available with Delta is not common and the special meals that it offers are not available in all markets. Asians especially Indians have specific food preferences and tastes. Most of them prefer vegetarian food. Thus they face a problem while not being at home as it is hard to find food without meat in Western countries. Delta offers a facility of mentioning food preferences at the time of flight reservations so that you can feed on your choice of meal while being away from your homeland.

Special Meal

Delta values its passengers and thus it has a special meal facility where it considers the diet requirements of fairly all types of people traveling abroad. It has a variety of special meals and an Asian vegetarian meal is one of them. The other vegetarian meals include Vegan Vegetarian and Vegetarian LACTO-OVO meals and both are cooked in Western-style. All these meals are made available uniquely by delta and the customer should advise the gate agent upon arrival at the departure gate that he/she has pre-ordered a special meal and should also confirm by any flight attendant once on board.

Asian Vegetarian Meal Delta Taste and Other Factors

Some people complain about dry and bland dishes but it is because of the low air pressure and dry atmosphere of an aircraft pressurized to mimic the conditions of 8,000 feet of altitude that numb the ability to perceive a food’s taste and nature. A lot of things that work in a restaurant might not work onboard a plane. The food is basically “torture-tested” as the variety otherwise cannot be sustained. But still, Delta ensures to provide variety in its meal and it’s always better to eat something than nothing. The taste might not be that good but the variety of the food offered is sufficient to meet every passenger’s likings. Dishes like curries are still flavorful as they soak moisture that helps to preserve its taste. Desserts always are a delight to have as they taste well even on the flights.


With many on-flight meals being reduced on several domestic flights, Delta offers good international on-board Asian vegetarian meals for the passengers. Some people might have some interesting preferences like these and would like to cook dishes of the same test at home. For those, wee hope this article was of a little help.

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