Asian Vegan Food - Tips and Tricks of the Asianvegan Food Cart -

Asian Vegan Food – Tips and Tricks of the Asianvegan Food Cart

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Overland Park, Oregon is an exciting city located in the Columbia River Gorge in the state of Oregon. It is an eclectic blend of large city vibes with natural beauty. The Asian cuisine is a big hit in this city of love. You can find many Asian eateries and cafes along the popular trail that winds through the city.

In the heart of the Portland City Limits, Piedmont Triad and The Lanes are your neighborhood spot for vegan selections of food. The menu is extensive and features dishes with names like “Beef on Tenderloin” and “Carnitas with Beans”. They have vegan friendly entrees that will knock your socks off!

Vegan Restaurants In Overland Park

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While you are here, you can stop by at one of the several vegan restaurants in Overland Park. At Golden Corral on SE Division, vegan options are available as well as non-vegan versions of their popular chili. On SE Division, Piedmont Triad is an award winning vegan restaurant. In the parking lot, you can find vegan ice cream treats from The Pit.

You may want to take some time out of your hectic schedule to check out the vegan selections at The Lanes. It is located on SE Division Street between Holman and Division. They offer many vegan options as well as non-vegan options. The Lanes offers vegan options such as their famous tofu sandwich. Also there are some interesting baked goods.

Coffee And Dessert,

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An all day stop for coffee and dessert, The Lanes also serves up some delicious banana shakes. There are other vegan options on The menu including sandwiches, salads, vegetable platters, and vegan pizzas. Of course, you can get any kind of pizza you want at Diamond Plains Apartments. If you have a sweet tooth, then they serve vegan frozen yogurt with their menu.

Golden Corral

A hole in the wall style dining place, Golden Corral serves up vegan burgers and many other vegan dishes. Drinks options include vegan milkshakes, soy sangria, and veganiced tea. Of course there is also plenty of room to sit and relax, as you will find with many of these vegetarian spots. Their menu even has vegan hot dogs!

As you might expect, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine are also offered at vegan spots in Park. Of course Vietnamese and Japanese foods are not the typical vegan fare, but they are filling and tasty. Also, many vegan food carts feature vegan sushi and other delicious dishes. Of course, all these vegan options are also available at other Vietnamese and Japanese restaurants as well as fast food.


If you are looking for vegan food, Overland Park has a number of options. From Vietnamese and Japanese to Thai and Chinese, you are sure to find something that fits your taste and budget. Find a vegan cart near you and start enjoying delicious food. As you explore Overland Park and the surrounding areas, you may also discover vegan options at other local diners as well.

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