About Great Wall Chinese Food

With Chinatown’s popularity, many of the top Chinese restaurants are getting a lot of national media attention. So it is no surprise that Great Wall Chinese food has become quite a hit for American and Chinese communities alike.

About Great Wall Chinese Food
About Great Wall Chinese Food

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant

If you have never visited a Great Wall Chinese restaurant before, then you are in for a real treat. Most of the location is near the South Park T station on the Red Line. A brief look at the South Park T stop and you will see its popularity on the rise.

The food at this restaurant is very good and the atmosphere is also top-notch. It is a must-try for anyone interested in sampling the best of Chinese food.

Great Wall Chinese food can be found at an open kitchen located in a small, courtyard style building that looks like a gazebo. This gazebo building was built in 1960 and it is known as a private home.

For those with the luxury of time and the patience to wait in line for the Chinese food, there is a door that leads outside of the Great Wall Chinese food restaurant, a gazebo-style building. The building is on the corner of East Fourth Street and Northeast Halsey Avenue, where other great Chinese restaurants are located.

Gazebo Building

The gazebo building that serves as the kitchen for Great Wall Chinese food is located right behind a gazebo that faces the Silver King river. The Silver King is a big, ugly tree that grows in the middle of the river in Minneapolis. So if you want to avoid the tree, you may want to call ahead first and inquire if the door leading outside is still available.

The front of the building is a little less spacious than the rest of the gazebo that serves as the kitchen for Great Wall Chinese food. Inside, the seating area is open and large, and there is a long receptionist line. This is where you go when you want to place your order.

When ordering your Chinese food at the Great Wall Chinese food restaurant. It is important to note that they serve a variety of different types of food. Here is a breakdown of the types of food that you can expect to find:

Oriental style of food, like the famous Shanghai-style of cuisine. This is the type of food that you would expect to find served at any of the top tier Chinese restaurants in the country. You can expect to find the basic hot and sour soup. The best potstickers, egg rolls, stir-fried seafood, and spring rolls.

American Style Of Food

This kind of food is a combination of local and imported ingredients that are all raised, cooked, and served in an organic way. It is a good choice if you are not willing to eat meats and seafood from other countries.

General Asian dishes. They include classics like fried rice, egg rolls, chop suey, spicy stir-fried vegetables, and appetizers.

About Great Wall Chinese Food
About Great Wall Chinese Food

If you visit the Great Wall Chinese food restaurant on a Saturday afternoon. Then expect to find lots of people eating and enjoying themselves at the restaurant. It is a fun atmosphere to hang out in for a while.

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