A-List Of Asian Vegetarian Recipes

There are many great Asian Vegetarian Recipes, that can be prepared. Vegetarian food is slowly gaining popularity with more people becoming aware of the benefits of going vegetarian or vegan. There are a lot of dishes available to those who want to make these foods.

Awareness Of Vegetarian Recipes

With the growing awareness of vegetarian recipes, it is easy to find recipes that meet your preferences. This is especially true for Asian recipes. The following is a list of Asian vegetarian recipes that are most popular and easily accessible.

A-List Of Asian Vegetarian Recipes
A-List Of Asian Vegetarian Recipes

Japanese Green Beans and Rice: You can use bean sprouts in place of green beans. Use the fresh sprouts instead of dried ones. The sprouts come out much bigger than they do in dry form. Because of the size, they absorb the flavor of the rice making this dish more flavorful. Drain the bean sprouts after cooking them, drain the rice before serving and serve with hot dipping sauce.

Chicken Teriyaki: This is one of the most popular vegetarian, Asian recipes. It is made by marinating chicken, using teriyaki sauce, and rice vinegar to give it the unique flavor. To serve, use rice noodles to make a nice bite-sized morsel.

Fried Chicken: Another one of the most favorite dishes in Asian cuisine. You can either use boneless skinless chicken breast, cut up in bite-sized pieces or you can use thighs. All you need is a deep fryer for the recipe.

Vegetable Fried Rice

This is a favorite vegetarian recipe that has been around for generations. All you need is a deep fat fryer. Then you simply fry a bunch of vegetables together in the pan until the vegetables are almost crispy. Serve with a dipping sauce for added flavor.

Miso Chicken: This is another of the most popular Asian recipes and is similar to marinara sauce. Use a vegetable bouillon, or broth, to make this meat thinner. The Chinese use minced meat for this recipe.

Miso Pork: This is another of the best vegetarian, Asian recipes that have a strong following in Asia. You can use either pork or beef to make this recipe. If you choose pork, then make sure to buy it already marinated. This makes for a great substitute for the beef that you will buy at the store.

Thai Basil Curry: The spice combinations in this recipe have been used for thousands of years in Asian vegetarian recipes. You can cook it using coconut milk or water. Use the coconut milk to make the curry moister and add additional water if needed. Add in aromatics like cilantro, coriander, and mint to give it a delicious taste.

Asian Bean Soup

This is another of the vegetarian, Asian recipes that are made from tofu. To make this dish you will need a pressure cooker lid. Since there is a long recipe, you can use a plastic or aluminum foil to wrap the tofu in so that the steam does not escape.

Roasted Duck: This dish can also be called duck teriyaki. In this recipe, chicken is roasted and used to make a dip. Use a bread bowl filled with your favorite veggies and serve the dish.

A-List Of Asian Vegetarian Recipes
A-List Of Asian Vegetarian Recipes

As you can see, there are many different Asian vegetarian recipes. There are quite a few vegetarian recipes that have been around for centuries that were originally created to avoid meat products. They have become the standard in the vegan world.

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